Visas Assured Immigration Consultants Pvt. Ltd


We provide visa assistance for below mentioned visa categories in Canada and Australia:


Business and Investment Visa

To help their industries flourish, create more jobs in the country, and support the socioeconomic growth, both Canada and Australia invite and encourage the overseas businessmen and investors. Both the countries have designed different visa categories to allow the businessmen and investors to set up a new business or make a valuable investment in their respective countries. Visas Assured helps applicants of visa in this category by guiding them through the process and presenting their application a perfect way.

Student Visa or Study Permit

If you are looking to pursue higher studies in Canada or Australia, we can help you to make your dream come true. The immigration experts at World Permit help you choose the right educational institution or course of study in both Australia and Canada and subsequently apply for the student visa. We also explain you the ways you can convert your student visa in to work visa or permanent residency.


Key Immigration Services of Visas Assured

Visas Assured provides you complete visa assistance from the start of the process till the receipt of visa approval. Here are the key immigration services we offer you:


Online Immigration Assistance

We help you register online and submit an Expression of Interest in Express Entry System (Canada) or SkillSelect (Australia).

Documentation Assistance

If you are applying for the visa for the first time, it’s quite natural that you won’t know the details of required documents. We make you understand the document requirement and ways to acquire the same.

Visa Application process and filing

It’s the crucial part of your immigration. We help you in completing and submitting the visa application form with thorough precision and accuracy to the immigration office.

Follow up on Application

We interact and deal with immigration office on your behalf and follow up your case or visa application.

Selecting the Right Visa Category

We suggest you the right visa category and immigration program to apply based on your qualification, work experience, skills, etc. It enhances your chances of succeeding.

Preparing a Cover Letter

A cover letter or Commitment statement is essential to get approval of your visa application. We help you prepare the best cover letter to go with your Visa application in order to support your candidature the perfect way.

Refusal Case Handling

If you have got any objection or refusal of your application, our experts assess the same closely and help you eliminate the objections one by one, so that you can re-file the application to get positive results.

Our Objective and Approach

Our ultimate objective is to satisfy our valuable clients, i.e. the visa and immigration applicants, who rely on us for the immigration process to begin a new career and life in their desired immigration destinations. And the best way to content our clients is to help them obtain the approval of their visa applications.

We believe in keeping it simple, when it comes to adopting an approach of functioning. Be ethical, transparent, and accountable to the clients are the basics of our approach. We charge reasonable fees for our immigration services with no hidden charges or secrets. The immigration process can be technical for the understanding of an applicant, hence, we try keeping the process transparent by explaining each and aspect of the process to our clients. Our objectives, approach, and ethics have been our success secrets till now and will be same in years to come.