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When it comes to choosing a destination for immigration, many immigrants choose Australia because of its high standard of living and balanced lifestyle. The strong country economic and scenic landscaping has been in the back of this popularity.  People who wish to have a better life choose Australia when compared to other countries.

If you want to go to Australia, then you need to apply for the PR (permanent residency) visa to get right to stay, live, study, and work in Australia without any limitations. Do you really know the benefits of Australian PR? If so, then read on to know the benefits of having Australian PR.

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Permission to live in Australia

As the Australian permanent resident, you will be given PR visa. This visa gives the right to reside in Australia for an indefinite period.  With this visa, you can able to enjoy several facilities including unlimited travel to and from Australia.

However, keep in mind that Australian Permanent Resident visa is initially given for the period of five years. Thus, you have to apply for the visa again either from within the country or outside of Australia.

Give a space to study anything you want

On getting a permanent resident visa, you will access unlimited freedom to pursue the course, which you want to study there. When it comes to the University education, as a permanent resident you will have huge options to choose from.

In addition to, you can even avail education loans, which are highly helpful for you in managing your financial needs that may arise because of the extra expenses connected with your study.

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Avail permission to work in Australia

Other important benefits of Australian PR are getting a work permit. This means working in Australia  is extremely easier with the PR visa. Australian permanent resident can able to work for any employer in any kind of occupation that they wish.

However, working in the Armed forces and public services are highly restricted to the Australian citizens. This does not distinguish the industrial laws between citizens and permanent residents. A permanent resident can also enjoy the same benefits under these laws as the Australian citizen.

Enjoy the social security

Regarding the social security, the permanent resident should hold on for two years before they are entitled to access social security benefits. It includes unemployment, sickness, and students perquisites, which are offered by Australia’s social security department.

Access the advantage of health care entitlement

Another most important benefit of becoming Australian permanent resident is enjoying the health care entitlement. As the Australia permanent resident, you will avail the privilege of the health insurance scheme, which is running by the Government called Medicare. Under this insurance, you would be able to receive free treatment at the general hospital and subsidized medicine.

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List of other benefits of having Australian PR

  • Sponsor your relatives for the acquisition of permanent residence
  • Children of permanent residents who born in Australia considered as the Australian citizen by birth
  • Permanent resident permitted to travel to New Zealand and apply for that country visa

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