Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 864 and 143

Contributory Parents Visa Subclass 864-143 is a permanent visa allotted by the Australian Government to parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents or certain eligible citizens of New Zealand who are settled in Australia at the time of submission of application. The application is accepted only if the balance of family test is satisfied by the applicant. Contributory parent visa and parent visa have similar pre-requisites but there are several differences between the 2 types of visas. They are:

  • Individuals applying for Contributory Parents Visa Subclass 864-143 are not required to wait for a long time for their application to get finalized. However, Parent visa is cheap but it can take up to 30 years to get the visa.
  • Applications under the contributory parent visa category are given more priority over parent visa.
  • The applicants of contributory parent visa are required to pay higher amount of second visa application charge installment along with larger amount of assurance of support bond that is also applicable for a longer period.

The Department of Immigration grants both Contributory parent and parent visa for permanent as well as temporary stay. An individual can apply for temporary contributory visa first under subclass 173 and then apply for the permanent visa. This undoubtedly costs a lot of money but the charges are divided between the two visas, that too over a long period of time.

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Pre-requisites of applying for Contributory Parents Visa Subclass 864-143

According to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection every applicant must fulfil certain pre-requisites to become eligible for contributory parent visa. However, if an applicant:

  • Holds temporary contributory parent visa under subclass 173
  • Temporary Visa has expired 28 days before the date of application of permanent contributory parent visa
  • Subclass 884 visa has expired 28 days before the date of application of permanent contributory parent visa and he can give compelling reasons as to why he can hold the visa are not required to fulfill the pre-requisites mentioned below. Those pre-requisites are:
    1. Pass the balance of family test wherein at least half of the total number of children of the applicant must stay in Australia or the number of children living in Australia must be more than the number of children staying in any other country.
    2. Application for visa can only be made if the children of the applicant have been staying in the country for at least two years.
    3. The applicant holds temporary contributory parent visa under subclass 173
    4. The age of the male applicant must not be more than 65 years of age. However, the age of female applicants depends upon their date of birth.
    5. The applicant must be sponsored by his child who is either an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.
    6. The individual must be in good health and have good moral conduct.
    7. The applicant must not have any outstanding debts to the Australian Government in his name.

    Contributory Parents Visa Subclass 864-143 Charges

    Visa charges for contributory parent visa under subclass 143 is different for every applicant. The base charge depends upon the type of visa the applicant is applying for and the channel he is choosing. If an applicant applies for the temporary visa first and then moves on to the permanent one, then the total charge levied is AU $19,745. This fee is paid in two installments.

    Individuals are also required to bear some others costs like medical examination fee which they directly need to the pay doctor, certification fee which needs to be paid when documents are certified by a recognized authority, police inspection fee, biometrics etc. Then there is the cost of Assurance of Support wherein the applicant need to sign a bond.

    If there is an additional applicant and he is 18 years of age or above then the total charge increases by AU $1185. For additional applicants below 18 years of age the charge is AU $595.

    Processing Time for Contributory Parents Visa Subclass 864-143

    The processing time of Contributory Parents Visa Subclass 864-143 differs from application to application. However, a typical application usually takes around 35 months for get processed. There are some applications that take even more time to process. On the other hand, parent visa under subclass 103 takes as long as 30 years to process.

    Application process of Contributory Parents Visa Subclass 864-143

    The first step is to get in touch with the Parent Visa Center. Once the whole process is known gather all the necessary documents and submit your application in the respective Form in physical form. All the documents are required to be translated into English by accredited translators. After submission you will be asked to provide bio-metrics, submit medical inspection report and Assurance of Support along with the prescribed fee. The Department will deliberate and might ask for more documents are clarifications. You will receive your visa only when they are satisfied with all the documents.