Partner Visa Subclass 100/309

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Partner Visa under subclass 100/309

Partner visa is offered to de facto spouses of applicants of work or permanent visa to Australia. The visa under this subclass is offered to husband or wives of permanent residents, Australian citizens or eligible citizens of New Zealand. Initially a visa with provisional status under subclass 309 is allotted to applicants, which is then upgraded to permanent status under subclass 100.

Pre-Requisites of partner visa

Partner visa is allotted to candidates who have a de facto relationship with either an Australian citizen, permanent citizen of Australia or eligible citizen of New Zealand. Other pre-requisites of visa allotment under subclass 309 are:

  • The applicant is presently situated outside Australia
  • The applicant is married and separated but has a child from the relationship
  • The individual's partner has died and yet he or she can show that their relationship would have continued if not for the death. The applicant also needs to show that he or she has close personal, business or cultural ties with Australia
  • The applicant and his or her partner are separated and the applicant has suffered violence

Partner visa under subclass 309 and 101 are also granted to spouses who have a de facto relationship with Australian citizen, eligible citizen of New Zealand or permanent resident for less than a year. Its pre-requisites are:

  • There is compelling evidence that the children born out of the relationship are dependent and there are circumstances to prove it.
  • Partner of the applicant has been granted permanent visa and the de facto relationship existed before the visa was granted. The applicant must have divulged the information to the Immigration Authorities before allotment of visa.
  • The applicant's de facto relationship with his or her partner is registered in Australia. Although this option isn't available in all Australian territories
  • The applicant must not have any outstanding loans to the Australian Government. In case there are any, then the applicant must arrange for its payment.
  • The applicant must have good health and be an individual of good moral character.

Privileges of provisional partner visa

Individuals holding partner visa under subclass 309 are accorded with several benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • They can stay in Australia till the time their application for permanent partner visa under subclass 100 is finalized
  • They can pursue any course in Australia but without any funding from the Government
  • They can get enrolled in the Government-run healthcare social scheme named Medicare
  • If 2 years have elapsed since the allotment of provisional visa, the applicant becomes eligible for permanent visa under subclass 100

Visa Fees

Migration visa, be it for temporary or permanent stay, is processed and granted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The fees for partner visa under subclass 309 and 100 is AU $7,000. This includes the up-gradation fee as well. For additional applicants of 18 years and above, the fees is AU $1545, while for minors, the additional charge is AU $770

Processing Time

The processing time of partner visa under subclass 309 and 100 varies from application to application. However, the general processing time of visa under subclass 309 is 11 months. The Immigration Department takes around a year to process 75% applications. For partner visa under subclass 101 an additional 15 months time is taken by the Department to provide permanent residency to the applicant.

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