471 Express candidates invited by Alberta with CRS scores as low as 303 to apply for provincial nomination

471 Express candidates invited by Alberta with CRS scores as low as 303 to apply for provincial nomination

471 Express candidates invited by Alberta with CRS scores as low as 303

Two federal nomination attracts established an chance for Express Entry applicants to immigrate to Alberta Province— Canada’s westernmost Prairie Province, home to Calgary, Edmonton, and Banff National Park.

Alberta released a total of 251 Notifications of Interest (NOI) results beginning at 400 on July 17 to Express Entry applicants with Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) results.

One week ago, on July 24, 220 NOIs were sent out with CRS results as small as 303 to 220 applicants.

The NOI’s were awarded as portion of the Alberta Express Entry Stream system through which Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) can seek for applicants who fulfill the eligibility criteria of the stream and encourage them to apply for a provincial nomination.

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) has kept 26 draws since the first Alberta Express Entry-Stream Selection contest, which took position just over a year ago— issuing a maximum of 5,063 NOIs.

The first stage is to build an Express Entry profile to be regarded through this stream, as well as many other Express Entry-aligned Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

No job bid or prior work experience in Alberta is needed to qualify for the Alberta Express Entry Stream. However, candidates should be employed in an occupation that promotes the economic growth and diversification goals of the province. A list of eligible occupations is not provided by the province.

Candidates should also have an Express Entry CRS minimum score 300 in the Express Entry stream of Canada.

The AINP says it may give priority to candidates with:

  • A job offer and/or work experience in Alberta;

  • A degree from a Canadian post-secondary institution and a valid job offer; or

  • A parent, child or sibling already living in Alberta.

Some factors decrease a candidate’s likelihood of receiving an invitation from Alberta, such as:

  • The Express Entry expiry date is within three months of the draw

  • Certain occupations such as those listed in the Alberta Opportunity Stream Ineligible Occupations list

The Alberta Express Entry Stream attracts applicants with CRS results that are much smaller than those taken through Federal Express Entry pulls.

The minimum rating of 425, on July 10, 2019, was the lowest in the AINP matches so far. However, for a national Express Entry match, which was 459, it was well below the latest cut-off rating.

So far in 2019, the smallest cut-off rating in the 13 all-program national Express Entry display was 438.

On four times in 2019, Alberta chosen Express Entry applicants with CRS scores as small as 300 through the Alberta Express Entry Stream. Three draws had a minimum CRS score of 301, while the other had a cut-off CRS score of 302.

Express Entry applicants with a federal nomination receive an extra 600 CRS points and are efficiently granted an invite from the Government of Canada to register for Canadian continuous residency.

“Alberta was slow to engage in Express Entry but has now undertaken 26 drawings this year to assist tackle its increasing labor market requirements,” said David Cohen, junior associate with Campbell, Cohen Canadian immigration law company in Montreal.

“The latest draw are also excellent news for skilled Express Entry applicants with reduced CRS results as it offers them with a chance to enhance their results and seek permanent residency in the wealthy province of Alberta.”

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