British Columbia – The most beautiful province of Canada


British Columbia is the western most province of Canada. It is situated between Rocky mountain ranges and the great Pacific Ocean. Victoria, the fifteenth largest metropolitan in Canada is the capital of British Colombia. Apart from Victoria, British Colombia consists other cities like Vancouver which is the largest city in British Colombia. The population of the province is 4,648,055 as of 2016. A Major chunk of the British Colombia's’ population lives in the “Greater Vancouver’ region.

British Columbia is a great place to explore and has abundant natural magnificence that gloats many breathtaking spots to investigate. The Canadian Rockies are the best place to spend a night under the starlit sky, it is like pictures of towering, snow-topped mountain, blue lakes, falling waterfalls and thick evergreen woods. British Colombia province is also home to the ‘Great Bear Rain Forest’ which the largest intact temperate rain forest on Earth. British Colombia is a natural paradise, it has all natural aspects of snow to the ocean. The climate of British Colombia is drastic and varies greatly in different reasons, summer in British Colombia is dry with average temperatures being 25-degree centigrade and winters are cold and chilly with the temperature falling to -15 degrees in some areas of the province.

There are 141 natural Reserves, 35 common marine parks, 7 Provincial Heritage Sites, 6 National Historic Sites of Canada, 4 National Parks and 3 National Park Reserves. More than 35% of British Colombia doesn’t follow any particular religion and are atheist,agnostic,and so on, 31% of the province’s population is Protestant. Highest spoken Language is English, followed by Chinese, and Punjabi. Approx 4% of the populace speak Punjabi

British Columbia has a background marked by being an asset overwhelmed economy, focused on the ranger service industry additionally with fluctuating significance in mining. Work in the asset segment has fallen consistently at a rate of business, and new occupations are for the most part in the development and retail/benefit segments. British Columbia's GDP is the fourth biggest in Canada at C$219.99 billion out of 2012. Gross domestic product per capita was $45,430.British Columbia's obligation was $57 billion in June 2013 or 25.9% of GDP. There are numerous situations for working and winning in B.C. The worldwide economy, advancing innovation, and organization workforce rebuilding is moving work openings in a few divisions from full-time to low maintenance and additionally to unforeseen staffing (outsourcing).

Transportation assumed an enormous part in British Columbia's history. The Rocky Mountains and the extents west of them constituted a huge obstruction to overland go until the fruition of the cross-country railroad in 1885. British Colombia is well connected with rest of Canada by it magnificent Rail, Road, Air, and Water connectivity. Given its shifted rugged territory and its coasts, lakes, streams, and woodlands, British Columbia has for quite some time been delighted in for interests like climbing and outdoors, shake climbing and mountaineering, chasing and angling. Water sports, both mechanized and non-mechanized, are appreciated in many spots. Ocean kayaking openings flourish on the British Columbia drift with its fjords. Whitewater boating and kayaking are mainstream on numerous inland streams. Cruising and sailboarding are generally appreciated.

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