Australian Immigration

In the present scenario, there are many destinations available to study, settle and work. But Australia is one of the topmost immigration places around the world. It offers a wide range of chances for the new immigrants in the country. Especially the people from India find that Australia is the best country to immigrate.

With its high wages, world-class cities, point based system; high employment rate and much more attract the millions of people every year. As well as Australia has given many opportunities to many talents and young person to come, work, live or settle in this place on the permanent basis.

Australia has several visa categories such as the permanent visa, visit visa, study visa, working visa and business visa. The person who decided or planned to migrate to Australia, and then is essential to know how to apply for the travel to Australia country from India. So in the below section, you can get details about the immigration process.

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Australia Immigration Process

Generally, Australia has a point-based immigration system. This system allows immigrants in the country. So, the people who wish to migrate to Australia need to score high marks in the point system to become eligible and qualified for the Australia immigration. The minimum point’s essential to qualify for the point based visas is 60 points. On the other hand, the person who scores higher point can enhance your chances of success selected. Here you can get the immigration process to Australia:

  • Initially get the IELTS certification with the suitable score
  • Then get the Skill Assessment from the appropriate assessing authority
  • From the SOC (Skilled Occupation List) select the occupation to apply
  • Get the sponsorship from the Australia state
  • Then submit in the Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • If your profile is get selected, then you will get the invitation to apply for the visa
  • You have 60 days to submit the visa application

If you need to get the hassle-free immigration process, then you need to hire the best immigration company. The leading company will provide a wide range of immigration process.

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Benefits of migrating to Australia

Australia is the best and popular destination for the people from India to live, work or settles on the permanent basis. There are more benefits of getting travel to Australia from India which is given below:

  • The person who migrates can live and work in Australia forever
  • You are allowed to enter and leave Australia frequently within the initial period
  • On the permanent residency status, you can apply for the citizenship
  • The permanent residents can enjoy many privileges and rights like Australian citizens
  • It gives you unrestricted rights to study, work, and live in Australia
  • You can sponsor your friends and family to become permanent residents
  • You will be free to get medical and social security benefit
  • Children born in Australia will be considered as the Australian citizen by birth

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