How to Get Permanent Resident Visa?

Permanent residency is the dream of every individual who wishes to migrate to a foreign country in search of work. It is a privilege that is generally extended only to those individuals whose skills are much needed in a country. Every country has a variety of programs through which individuals can migrate to the country but the most preferred channel is the permanent residency one. It isn’t easy to get the Permanent Resident Visa as it requires the candidate to be highly proficient in English or the official language of the state, have adequate work experience, possess skills, and various other things.

Benefits of Permanent Resident Visa

Those immigrants which have obtained permanent residency of a country are called permanent residents and are bestowed upon various benefits by the respective Government. They are:

  • Permanent residency allows an individual to stay, live and work in the country for as long as he wishes to. He doesn’t need to get his application ratified every year.
  • Being a permanent resident you can avail various social security benefits like cheap medical facilities, amenities at subsidized rates etc.
  • You can travel throughout the country without any restriction.
  • You can sponsor any family member or relative for a permanent or temporary stay in the country. For instance, he can sponsor his or her spouse using permanent partner visa.
  • You can buy properties and make investments in any part of the country.
  • Moreover, if an individual fulfills certain conditions like the length of continuous stay in the country, timely remittance of taxes, no criminal activity etc., then he can even apply for citizenship of that country.

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