How to Obtain Study Visa Canada?


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A student can obtain study visa Canada if he fulfills these conditions, viz.

  • The applicant must have acceptance or admission letter from a Canadian institution.
  • He must possess passport and valid travel documents.

Other requirements

Apart from these the applicant must also prove that he has enough funds to pay for his tuition fees, transportation expenses for himself and his family members and day-to-day living expenses for himself and members accompanying him to Canada. In short, he or his members must not be a burden on the Canadian Government. Secondly, the applicant must be an individual of good character without any prior criminal record and must provide police verification certificate as proof.

The candidate must be in good health and pass a medical exam to prove it. He must provide an affidavit to the immigration department certifying that he will leave Canada post- completion of his studies.

Application Procedure

Before applying for study visa every prospective student must apply for study permit. The application can either be submitted from within the Canadian territory or outside Canada. Application for study permit within Canada is made in case of:

  • Minor child studying in primary or secondary standard
  • A student visiting Canada under exchange program
  • A student who wishes to extend his stay as a student in Canada

Business Visa Canada

Canada is an ideal location for setting-up business and making investments. It is a leader in automotive, petroleum, aerospace, information technology and agriculture industry. There is political stability and tax rates are quite low. There are various programs through which entrepreneurs can obtain business visa to Canada. Some of the popular programs are:

  • Start-up visa program
  • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program
  • Provincial Nomination Programs like, Quebec Business Immigration Program

Selection Procedure

To obtain business visa an entrepreneur needs to be proficient in English or French, since both of these languagesare official languages of Canada. He is also required to have adequate funding required to start his business in the country. For visa under IIVC pilot program, a businessman must have a net worth of at least CAD 10 millions and he must be willing to invest CAD 2 million in the IIVC fund. For visa under start-up visa program, the applicant must have an idea along with necessary capital to fund the project.

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