Ontario invites applicants of Express Entry with job experience in 11 professions

Ontario invites applicants of Express Entry with job experience in 11 professions

In the latest Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream draw on May 31, at this moment the province has welcomed over 1,000 EE applicants with work experience in 11 occupations, the express entry applicants were the primary focus. In the latest draw to apply for a provincial nomination for Canada permanent residency process, a total of 1,072 invitations were issued to express candidates with the specific work experience and CRS score between the ranges of 439-469.

Ontario is regarded as a fresh resident’s home. Like other provinces in Canada, Ontario does have its own provincial nominee program to nominate qualified employees for their development on the grounds of labor market demands and people who plan to live permanently in Canada.

The Human Capital Priorities Stream of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) allows the province to seek the Express Entry pool for applicants meeting Federal and Provincial eligibility requirements and to invite chosen applicants to apply for a provincial permanent residence nomination for Canada.

Issuing an invitation to apply for a provincial nomination program is in favor of an immigration candidate as it enables the applicants to receive an extra 600 points to their general score to increase their likelihood of receiving an invitation to apply for a permanent residence in Canada.

The initial step is enter the Express Entry pool to be picked by the OINP through its Human Capital Priorities Stream or different Express Entry Streams. It is the second draw so far in 2019 under the Human Capital Priorities Stream and has been issued to Express Entry candidates for approximately 2,565 Notifications of Interest or NOIs.

The eleven targeted occupations were:

  1. NOC 0114: Other administrative services managers
  2. NOC 0601: Corporate Sales Managers
  3. NOC 1122: Professional occupations in business management consulting
  4. NOC 0124: Advertising, marketing, and public relations managers
  5. NOC 0621: Retail and wholesale trade managers
  6. NOC 1111: Financial auditors and accountants
  7. NOC 3012: Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
  8. NOC 0111: Financial managers
  9. NOC 1114: Other financial officers
  10. NOC 0651: Managers in customer and personal services, n.e.c

The OINP regarded this particular list of occupations for the first time. While IT occupations have been on target in the past. This adaptability empowers the OINP to adjust the Human Capital Priorities Stream to its needs of labor market and economic development and be increasingly receptive to the necessities of employers.

According to Montreal-based senior partner David Cohen with the Campbell, Cohn Canadian Immigration Law Firm, this draw has emerged as the beneficial element of the Human Capital Priorities Stream to meet labor requirements. Candidates with job experience in these occupations are expected to understand that their demand in the province is obviously high.

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