Quebec launches new expression of interest immigration system on 18th September

Quebec is the centre city of Canada and its capital is Quebec City. It is the second most populated country in Canada. Its economy is considered to be 37th largest economy of the world. The growth rate of GDP of the state is highest in Canada. The country is well established in all the three sectors of the economy, so it is obvious that it will a centre of attraction for the people to look for a job in this place. The main reason for people to immigrate here is for an employment opportunity.

Changes in immigration policy of Quebec

At present, the immigration policy of Quebec has brought certain changes. Arrima is the name of new policies which includes certain policies like immigration in Quebec will be similar to federal express entry system. The new policy will replace the first- come first- served policy, now the immigration to Quebec will be allowed on certain points scored on the basis of certain skills and criteria. This is more beneficial for the workers; the candidate who will score the highest will be invited to apply for the application to Quebec certificate of selection, this seems a faring process of

The scale of Quebec skilled worker immigration passing points

  1. For education level, it is maximum 14 points and a minimum of 2 points.
  2. In the field of training, it is 12 points.
  3. In professional skilled working experience, the average point is 8
  4. In the field of age, the maximum point to score is 16.
  5. In language, if you know French it is a plus point for you. For French, it is 16 points maximum and for English, it is 6 points.
  6. For family and to stay in Quebec you need to score maximum 8 points.
  7. Job validity point is 14.
  8. Common law partner or spouse the score is 17 points.
  9. Financial self-sufficiency the score is 1 point.
  10. The point of accompanying children is 8 points.

Working of Quebec expression of interest works

  • The candidate needs to apply to an online expression of interest to the ministry of immigration.
  • The profiles of the entire candidate who had submitted to an expression of interest to the immigration ministry are ranked against each other. This profile of a candidate is valid only for 12 months as per the new policy of Quebec immigration.
  • Among the entire candidates, the highest ranking candidates will get an invitation to apply to Quebec certificate of selection.
  • Then Quebec will set the period for the candidate to apply for Quebec certificate of selection.
  • The candidates who had received the invitation to apply for Quebec certificate of selection will get the time of 90 days for submitting the complete application.
  • At last, the candidate who had been approved and had received a nomination certificate from Quebec certificate of selection can apply for a permanent residence identity proof of Canada.

Steps to apply for expression of interest for getting a residence proof in Quebec

  • Open the portal of Quebec skilled worker program
  • Select the link written to apply for expression of interest.
  • A page will open fill the basic details and it will ask some questions about your studies, employment and other such things.
  • Fill the checklist, this will let you know the points whether you are eligible or not.
  • After you pass the test, you will get an invitation letter to apply to CSQ.
  • You have to submit the application to CSQ within 90 days after getting the invitations.
  • At the time of applying for the applications to get your documents ready, scan the documents and keep it ready in your computer.
  • While filing the application form online you will need to upload the scanned documents of your details.
  • After your documents get verified and you are approved. You can now apply for permanent residential proof.

The new immigration policy of Quebec will affect the immigration in large number, after the abolishment of first come first served system, the selection of candidate are done on certain skills and tests, this will filter the non-qualified candidates and the selected on will get the benefits.

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