A complete travel guide of Quebec


Quebec is the Canada's largest province and second most populous province. Quebec is home to the French community and has the largest French speaking population in Canada, the official language of the province is French. Most of the populace of the province lives in the urban regions close to the Saint Lawrence River among Montreal and Quebec City, the capital. Roughly 50% of Quebec inhabitants live in the Greater Montreal Area, including the Island of Montreal. Quebec is also home to many picturesque tourist attraction which pulls the crowd from all over the planet. Montmorency falls, Old Quebec, and the battlefields park are some of the great tourist attraction Quebec offers.

The climate of Quebec is four-season mainland with icy and frigid winters consolidated with warm to hot sticky summers, yet advance north long winter seasons overwhelm and accordingly the northern regions of the region are set apart by tundra conditions.The climate of central Quebec, at similarly southerly scopes, winters are chilly and pleasant in inland zones.

As per 2016 census, the total of Quebec is 8,164,361. The economy of Quebec contributes to 20.36% of the aggregate GDP of Canada. Like most industrialized nations, the economy of Quebec is constructed predominantly in light of the service sector. Quebec's economy has generally been fueled by rich natural resources, a very much developed infrastructure, and normal productivity. The GDP of Quebec in 2010 was C$319,348 billion, which makes Quebec the second biggest economy in Canada. Quebec also boasts major Canadian IT companies roughly 51% of all IT companies in Canada work from Quebec. A total of 115 telecommunication companies is based out of Quebec employing more than 100,000 people.

Apart from IT and Telecommunication, mining, food and agro, and other small scale industry generate a gigantic revenue to contribute to province’s GDP. Abundance in Natural resources helps Quebec to stand tall in the mining industry, making it a hot place for mining companies to establish and work.

The well developed Quebec’s transport network helps it’s populace to function properly and it vast air, water, rail, and road connectivity ensures traffic all round the year from almost all the places of the planet.

Quebec is home to many traditions brought down by the settlers in mid 18th century and it all blended well with the original populace of Quebec giving birth to many fusion dance forms and music forms. Being a cutting edge cosmopolitan culture, today, a wide range of music can be found in Quebec, including both contemporary and modern. Quebec is home to many television and radio stations in Canada. It’s rich cultural heritage and modern fine arts makes it’s a great cultural province of Canada.

Sports and Games in Quebec constitutes a basic lifestyle of Quebec culture. The act of games and open air exercises in Quebec was impacted generally by its geology and atmosphere. Ice hockey remains the national game. It is also central to the F1 Canadian Grand Prix, with an international circuit in Montreal.

Hence, Quebec is a great place to explore the all round activities with the hint of urbane cultural as well as its natural beauty. Find out your eligibility today for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program today with help our highly experienced and knowledgeable Immigration Consultants, contact us at +911149579999 or write to us at info@visasassured.com.