Canadian Immigration

Canada is the most preferred destinations among immigrants and tourists. People from all over the world aspire to go to Canada either in search of work, for business, or for travel. It is among the prime choices of people wanting to immigrate to a developed country. If you are looking forward to working in a foreign country, then Canada has a lot to offer. Every year thousands of foreign nationals apply to the North American country for visa. It is undoubtedly an ideal destination for work and of the total number of visa applications received every year, the most number of applications are either for work visa or for permanent residency.

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Popular Canadian Visas

The visa application to Canada is made to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). An applicant can either apply online or through a registered agency, like us. The Canadian Government offers various programs through which foreign nationals can visit the beautiful country. While some offer temporary stay others allow applicants to stay as long as they want to. Some of the most used channels are:

  • Permanent Residency: Permanent Residency is the medium through which foreign nationals can migrate to Canada and stay in the country for as long as they want. There are various visa programs that offer permanent residency like Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Express Entry Program, etc.
  • Work Visa: Work visa is the channel through which immigrants can legally stay and work in Canada. Under the Work Permit Program, visa is allotted for both temporary and permanent stay. Work visa is mainly granted under three programs, viz. LMIA based work permit, student permit and working holiday.
  • Visit Visa: Tourist visa as the name suggests is used for leisure travel. The visa is allotted to people who wish to travel to Canada for pleasure and return back after sight-seeing
  • Study Visa: Study permit is a visa that allows foreign national students to study in Canada.
  • Business Visa: Business visa is allotted to entrepreneurs and self employed individuals who wish to migrate to Canada and start their business.
  • Working Holiday Visa: Working Holiday Visa is allotted to individuals who wish to work during holidays. The application for this visa is primarily made by individuals of 18-35 years of age.

Basic Requirements for Immigration

The Maple Leaf country receives thousands of visa applications from foreign individuals. This is primarily because of the benefits it has to offer to the applicants. Canada follows point based system to allot visa. It awards points to ones profile based on his English or French language proficiency, age, education, work experience, etc. Every program has a different system of marking but each one of them requires the same basic yet important skills. Let's have a look at them:

  • English/ French language proficiency: Also considered as the Litmus test, every immigration program requires the applicant to be proficient either in English or in French language, as both are Canada's official languages. The applicant must appear in any one of the several recognized certification courses like IELTS and achieve the minimum score as asked by the Authorities.
  • Education: An applicant must possess a degree from a recognized institution in the filed he wishes to find a job in. Moreover, he also needs to provide Educational Qualification Assessment report while filing for immigration visa.
  • Character and Health: To migrate to Canada an individual must be in good shape and have a decent character as well. He must get himself certified from a recognized medical practitioner. He must also get police verification done.

Processing Time

The processing time of Canadian Visa differs from program to program. There are no set timelines within which an application must be processed. However, processing time of an immigration request and visa approval time can decrease substantially if the applicant provides all the essential documents in the proper manner. Submit your documents and certifications quickly and your application will be processed faster.

Another method of reducing your processing time is to get assistance from a reliable visa consultant like us. A recognized agent or consultant will guide you and ensure your application is submitted without any delay. They'll ensure that your application is filled accurately and all the necessary documents are submitted along with it. Your consultant will take care of all the formalities and tell you the best way to proceed.

Canadian Immigration Rules and Policies

Canadian immigration rules are simple and straightforward. The country follows the point based system that is quite easy to comprehend. Every applicant is given points on his profile like age, educational qualification, work experience, language proficiency etc. If he achieves the minimum qualifying marks then he becomes eligible for immigration. The minimum marks required to qualify depends upon the program you are applying under. The laws, rules and procedures usually vary depending upon the nature of stay, that is, whether its temporary or permanent. Temporary visas like, tourist visa, student visa, working holiday visa, etc. are fairly easy to get while permanent visas take longer time to process.

Similarly, application for temporary visa can only be made if you are outside Canada. But for permanent residency visa application can either be made while the applicant is outside or within the territory of Canada.

Once the application is submitted along with all the essential documents, you will be evaluated. If you achieve qualifying marks, you will be sent an invitation to apply for Canadian immigration visa. To get reliable visa solutions, visit us at Visas Assured. We will help you out with your application and ensure its submitted without any errors. Get in touch with us today to get timely and dedicated services.