Canada Express Entry

Canada is an ideal country to immigrate and work in. The country follows point based system to allot visa for immigration. It evaluates applications of every single applicant and awards points, based on a pre-defined criteria. For immigrants looking for work and higher studies, Canada is their most preferred destination. The Express Entry to Canada was first started in 2015 and is thus considered the best way to enter the country.

The program is used by the Canadian Government to allot visas to skilled immigrants who wish to live and work permanently in the country. Through this system the Government particularly selects those immigrants who posses skills required by the Canadian economy and its market. Through this scheme different provinces and territories of Canada can select candidates to fulfill their individual market requirements under Provincial Nominee Program.

Programs under Express Entry System

The Express Entry system processes visa applications received under the following three immigration programs, viz.

  • The Federal Skilled Workers Program: The skilled workers program is the most popular permanent residency program among immigrants. Every candidate applying under this program must be talented and possess skills required for the job. He must also obtain minimum 67 points in his profile evaluation to qualify for work visa under this program.
  • The Federal Skilled Traders Program: This program is for applicants who have received invitation of employment from employers situated in Canada. The program requires applicants to be experienced trade workers. Under this program applicants can permanently stay and work in Canada.
  • The Canadian Experience Class: The Canadian Experience Class visa program is used to convert temporary visa into permanent residency visa. It is allotted to individuals having temporary work permit or student visa along with necessary experience, skills and proficiency in English or French language. Such candidates can apply through this program and obtain permanent residency.

Who is eligible for Express Entry?

The key eligibility requirements for immigration through Express Entry System are:

  • A minimum score of 67 in profile evaluation
  • Certification from IELTS or another recognized course to prove proficiency in English or French language. For IELTS the minimum score required is 6 in all the components. However, the score obtained in language proficiency test is valid only for 2 years.
  • Educational Credential Assessment or ECA report that must match the Canadian education system. An ECA report is valid for a period of 5 years
  • The occupation an applicant wants to pursue must be listed in the National Occupation Classification (NOC) list. Moreover, the occupation must either fall under category O (Management Professionals), A (Skilled Professionals) or B (Skilled Trades Professionals) category.
  • The applicant must possess at least 1 year of experience in the chosen occupation in the last 10 years of his service history
  • The applicant must be an individual of good character for which he will need to submit a police verification certificate
  • He must be healthy and not suffer from any fatal disease
  • Lastly, the applicant must submit his Expression of Interest (EOI) online with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Express Entry Draw

Every year only a few thousand candidates get selected out of the numerous immigration applications received by IRCC. To select the best, it holds a draw named Canada Express Entry Draw. The selected applicants are sent invitation to apply for visa based on Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Every year a minimum score is decided and candidates scoring above the cut-off score are sorted out. Only the top scorers are sent the invitation to apply. For instance, for the year 2017 the cut off is 440 points and a total of 3,202 applicants are to be selected for invitation to apply.

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

The CRS is a method through which individuals applying for permanent residency visa under the Express Entry route are awarded marks on their profiles. Every detail of their profile including age, work experience, educational qualification, language proficiency, skills etc. is evaluated and points are awarded. When accumulated these points form the CRS. The candidates are given points out of 1200 and the higher an applicant's CRS is the better his chances of selection are.

Application process under Express Entry System

Express entry system is the most popular route among immigrants who wish to work in Canada. It is also the fastest route of immigration. The application process of the express entry system mainly consists of two steps, viz.

  • Completion of profile: The first step of the application process is completion of Express Entry profile. Upon completion of the profile qualified candidates are shortlisted and their names are placed in a pool. The applicants are required to fill all the personal and professional details as asked in the form. Applicants should focus more on the part where information about their skills, educational qualifications, language proficiency, work experience etc. are asked for profile assessment.

The shortlisted candidates will be assessed against each other and they will be ranked depending upon the economic success of the new candidates. Only those candidates who have high ranks along with job offers or nomination from provinces or territories will be selected for permanent residency. Candidates that do not possess any nomination or job offer sanctioned by Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIAM) will have to get registered with Canada's Job Bank. The job bank will allow candidates to search for jobs and obtain visa under Express Entry system.

  • Invitation to high ranking applicants: The candidates shortlisted in the first step will be pitched against each other. They will be assessed and marked using CRS. In this step profile of an applicant is assessed and points are given accordingly. The candidate achieving the highest points out of 1200 will be sent invitation to apply for permanent resident visa.

The Department of Immigration awards extra points to candidates having:

  • Provincial or territorial nomination.
  • Job offer that is supported by LIAM

The candidates chosen for the invitation will have to apply for visa within 60 days of receipt of the invitation. If you wish to apply for immigration visa under Express Entry system, visit Visas Assured.