Canada Immigration for Investors Entrepreneur and Self Employed

Canada for years has been one of the most preferred immigration destinations among foreign nationals looking to earn handsomely in dollars. With low taxes and stable political environment, Canada is one of the popular investment hubs among investors. The Maple Country is a global leader in a number of industries, viz. aerospace, petroleum, information technology, agriculture and ship building. There is availability of skilled labor, easy finance and extensive support from the Government. The country offers easy and unrestricted access to markets along with a string and educated workforce.

All these factors make Canada the topmost choice among investors globally. Every year hundreds and thousands of Indians apply for immigration visa to set-up their businesses in the Northern Country. Getting immigration visa to Canada is quite easy. The whole process is mentioned on the website of Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the Canadian immigration department.

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Business Visa

Canada is an global investment hub that encourages potential investors to visit and set up their businesses in the country. The Canadian Government runs various immigration programs under which individuals looking for self-employment or start their businesses can apply for visas. An entrepreneur can either apply for visa under a federal program or a provincial nomination program.

Under federal investor programs the applicants can start and set-up their businesses in any part of country but in case of provincial programs investors can only invest in the province itself. The prominent and most popular programs include:

  • Start-up Visa Program: This program, as the name specifies, is for new entrepreneurs who wish to start their businesses in Canada. Under this program only experienced and knowledgeable entrepreneurs are selected that can invest money and keep themselves afloat for at least 5 years. The Government favours start-ups, since they create jobs, which in turn helps the economy.
  • Immigrant Investor Program: Investors Program is a visa program run by Federal as well as Provincial Governments. However, since 2012 the Federal Investors Program has been discontinued until further notice and only the backlog applications are being processed. Its done to reduce the number of applications so the immigration department can properly review the existing applications. This program is being run only by a few provinces like Quebec. The Quebec immigration investor program is still active.
  • Immigrant Entrepreneurs Program: The Immigrant Entrepreneurs Program like, the Federal Immigrant Investor Program has been discontinued since 2011 and only the backlog applications are being processed. However, the Quebec Immigrant Entrepreneurs Program is still on and is accepting fresh visa applications from interested foreign nationals around the world.
  • Self-Employed Person Program: The self-employed person program is for those individuals who wish to work on their own after migrating to Canada. Such individuals include professionals, actors, dancers, sports persons etc. Canadian Government provides special consideration to individuals who have experience in athletics, cultural activities and farm management.

Eligibility requirements for Start-up Visa Program

The start-up visa program is for experienced entrepreneurs who wish to start a new business in Canada. A business qualifies under this program if the idea is innovative and can compete with other global companies while creating job opportunities for Canadian citizens. The program requires an applicant to:

  • Be proficient in English or French language. He must clear CLB 5 level in all the skills of French or English language. The candidate is required to provide his IELTS scorecard along with the application form.
  • Have support of a designated organization situated in Canada. It is a must for a migrating entrepreneur to possess a letter from a designated entity expressly extending his support to the applicant.
  • Possess sufficient funds required to start his business and sustain himself and accompanying family members. Since Canadian Government doesn’t provide any financial assistance to start-ups, it requires the applicants to bring in the necessary funds. Apart from the funds required to start a business, a migrating entrepreneur must also bring in sufficient funds to support himself and his family member. For instance, in case of 2 dependent members an applicant is required to bring around CAD $15,500.

The applicant is required to provide a proof of funds. He can’t borrow it from others and show it as his’. If an applicant brings more than CAD $10,000 while migrating to Canada, then he must disclose it with the Canadian officials upon his arrival. The funds can either be in form of cash, securities, gold, shares, cheques, demand drafts etc.

Eligibility requirements for Self-Employed Person Program

The Canadian Self-Employed Person Program is specifically for those individuals who upon migration

  • will contribute to the society in the field of athletics and culture; or
  • Be willing to and must purchase a farm and manage it.

The eligibility requirements of the program are:

  • The applicant must have experience in the relevant field, that is, in farm management or cultural or athletic activities. The candidate must have taken part in an international event of athletics or cultural activity. Moreover, he must have experience as a self-employed person in either of the two fields.
  • The applicant and the accompanying family members must be medically fit.
  • The candidate must not have a prior criminal record which should be verified through a police certificate.
  • The selection is also done by assessing age, experience, educational qualifications, language proficiency, skills etc.
  • The applicant must also be financially sound and have enough capital to support himself and accompanying family members.

Processing Time

Even though the visa application process is simple and transparent, it takes time for the Canadian Immigration authorities to process and shortlist viable applications for express entry to Canada. The process is long and it takes about around 50 months (approximately 4 years) for the authorities to finalize candidates for visa under Start-up Visa Program. It is because of this time lag, that the federal entrepreneur and investor programs have been discontinued till further notice.

Similarly, the visa processing time for Self-Employed Person Program is roughly 40 months, which nearly adds up to three and a half years.

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