Canada Provincial Nomination Program


Canada has ten provinces and three territories and every province has their specifically designed  immigration program called as Canadian PNP that provides smooth access to skilled immigrants for a Canada PR visa. The impassioned skilled professional can immigrate and settle down in a province/territory of their choice, which makes it easier for them to migrate to Canada. Also it has to be kept in mind that applicants are selected by the provinces based on their own economic needs, criteria and parameters and each province has their own set of requirements that they want to be met, since every province respectively have a contract with IRCC (Immigration Citizenship Refugee Canada) which allows the province to select permanent residents for their province.

If applicant gets selected by any province then they are issued a nomination from that respective province and thereafter the applicant is eligible to apply for Permanent residency.

MOVING AHEAD AND APPLYING FOR PNP (Provincial Nomination Program)

First question that arises is how?

Basically two route can be opted by an applicant willing to apply for a particular provinces PNP programme.

  • APPLY DIRECTLY:- Steps to be followed :

    Choose Province and apply.Application will be considered by the province as per their selection criteria. Upon selection, nomination letter will be issued by the Province. Based on nomination, applicant can apply for Permanent residency in Canada to IRCC.


    Since provincial government in Canada also does the screening of the applicant via express entry pool therefore relatively this is an indirect route towards attaining a Canadian provincial nomination.

Firstly applicant enters the pool called Express Entry program by clearing 67 points criteria after which they need to wait for selection by the province as per their requirement when the profile is selected by any of the province the applicant receives an invitation to get in touch with the province to be considered for their programme.

If an applicant is invited by this way then the applicant becomes eligible to receive an online ITA for permanent residency visa solely on the basis of nomination from the province.


Gives you the Liberty to Choose !!!

Irrespective of being a bit different from the mainstream Express Entry Programme, nevertheless applicants opting for Canada Provincial Nomination Programme are entitled to many benefits upon profile selection.

  • Foremost the decision to exercise one’s individual preference concerning choosing their place of residence.
  • Smooth and hassle free selection procedure as compared to Express Entry.
  • Minimum bands required in IELTS to be eligible.
  • Prior job application requirement lifted.
  • Access to top notch healthcare benefits along with premium government regulated education system.
  • Bright and promising opportunities in areas like business, investment and employment.

Types of Canadian Provincial Nomination Program:-

Alberta PNP (AINP)

Atlantic Immigration pilot program (AIPP)

British Columbia PNP (BCPNP)

Manitoba PNP (MPNP)

New Brunswick PNP  (NBPNP)

Newfoundland and labrador PNP program (NLPNP)

Northwest Territory Provincial Nominee Program

Ontario PNP (OINP)

Prince Edward island PNP

Quebec Immigration

Saskatchewan PNP

Nova Scotia PNP

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