Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) 2019

Alberta located in the western province of Canada and considered as the fourth most populated province being by far the most strongest and fastest growing economy of the nation with it’s remarkable world class health care facilities, surprisingly low crime rates and fostering a close knit tolerant community.

Rest assured, a perfect destination for Immigrants !!!

Easiest Route to attain Alberta PR is through the Canadian Express Entry Program, however, the most popular and highly coveted route being followed by aspiring candidates is ALBERTA IMMIGRANT NOMINEE PROGRAM.

There are two different ways through which applicants can apply for AINP PNP.

  • Forwarding EOI (Expression of Interest) directly to immigration Alberta without going through the Canadian Express Entry System.

Upon receiving nomination applicant can then proceed ahead and create their profile in the Canadian Express Entry System and apply for Canadian Permanent Residency by inserting their provincial nomination credential into the platform.

  • Other route that can be opted by applicants is by creating Express Entry Profile first and then expressing an interest in the AINP directly through this platform. Upon receiving nomination via this platform by the applicant he/she is entitled to claim additional 600 points on his or her existing express entry score thereby increasing the chances of receiving Invitation to apply in the next Express Entry draw.

Determine your eligibility for Alberta PNP 2019 :

  • Applicants should have a job offer letter for full-time or permanent employment from an Alberta employer

  • Applicant needs to attain the minimum scores necessary in IELTS or CLB examination to qualify for nomination

  • Applicants need to state their true and transparent willingness and intention of living and working in Alberta

  • Applicants occupation must be in the NOC categories O, A and B

  • All applicants must be in possession of the basic work experience as needed by the employer to qualify for immigration nomination

  • Applicants must provide supporting documents/ paperwork authenticating their legal residence in their home country

Check Your Eligibility

Alberta PNP High In Demand Occupation List 2019

Alberta being most sought after immigration destination in Canada projecting a booming economy and diverse occupations. The below mentioned chart will help interested applicant to determine what all occupations are presently high in demand in the province to which you can apply for through the Express Entry program:

                                    Occupations Skill
6311Food Service Supervisors B
6211Retail Sales Supervisors B
7511Transport Truck Drivers C
6315Cleaning Supervisors B
7284Plasterers, Drywall Installers and Finishers and
1241Administrative assistants B
631Restaurant and Food Services Managers 0
621Retail and Wholesale Trade Managers 0
6421Retail Salespersons C
1221Administrative Officers B


Since the processing time for Federal and State government program varies with each profile and is subjected to various factors like volumes of applications received, information to be processed with each profile, documentation procedures and related procedures.

Usually processing time is 7 to 8 months. However, the Canadian immigration authorities may take longer to wrap up the verification procedure therefore, it is always advised to maintain your composure.

Please note : There is no actual cost of application for AINP, applicants upon selection should pay the processing fee as per the requirements of the Express Entry Program.

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Apply for Alberta PNP