Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MINP) 2019

Are you willing and looking forward to immigrating to Canada for a high quality standard of living without price tag then Manitoba is the right place for you. Located between Saskatchewan and Ontario province, Manitoba has an emerging high powered economy and is pro-actively accepting skilled workers under its Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MINP).

Under Canada PNP, Province of Manitoba is diligently in search for skilled and talented professionals, as going by the trend it has a track record of accepting and admitting over 15,000 immigrants each year and moreover irrespective of such high acceptance of immigrants in their province the provincial government has predicted a  shortage of skilled workers of over 20,000 by 2020.

Under the Manitoba PNP 2019, selection of eligible and prospective application of candidate is taking place to grant permanent residency in Manitoba. The applicant ones selected through this program receives a Nomination certificate which allows them to apply for PR in Canada.

Manitoba PNP has three main streams:

  • MPNP Skilled Workers :-

    This category is carefully designed after taking into consideration the demand of skilled workers in the labour market as well as the requirement of the employers within their province.

Skilled workers in Manitoba:-

This program is only for applicants who are in Manitoba on either Temporary resident work permit or on Post graduate study permit.


  • Is either a temporary overseas worker or international student graduate.

  • At least have worked 6 months continuously under any employer of Manitoba.

  • Must have a full time permanent job offer from present employer in Manitoba.

  • Should have valid work permit or post graduate work permit from IRCC.

  • Should be proficient in English or french.

  • Should have all the required supportive educational document for the position along with training or licensing certificate if needed.

  • Should be in possession of adequate settlement fund.

  • Should be able to positively project the willingness and capability to work and contribute in the economy of Manitoba and settle their as Permanent Resident.

Check Your Eligibility

Skilled workers overseas :- Skilled and qualified workers having strong connection through their family members or friends residing in Manitoba or have had prior education and employment experience in the province or an invite directly offered by MPNP under the Strategic recruitment initiative.


  • Should get minimum 60 points out of 100 in the point grid.
  • Should be able to establish a connection to Manitoba via the support of family or friend else an ITA issued by MPNP.

MPNP Business :- This program is targeting any well established businessmen and entrepreneurs capable enough to start a business within the first 24 months of entry into Canada via the path of temporary work permit.

Eligibility Conditions:

To apply in this program one must have

  • A Personal net worth of CAD 3,50,000.
  • Minimum three years of business ownership.
  • Need to get at least 60 points in the adaptability Assessment.

FSIR (Farm strategic recruitment initiative) :- An applicant willing to setup farm business in rural Manitoba and has farm business experience along with sufficient funds for investment.

Eligibility Conditions:

  • A Net worth of CAD 3,50,000.
  • Three years of farm business management experience.
  • Should be well aware with regards to farming practices.
  • Should have visited Manitoba for 7 days to find out farming practices and life in Manitoba.
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