Prince Edward Island Provincial Nomination Program (PEI PNP) – 2019

Out of the four Atlantic Province Of Canada, Prince Edward Island is one of them. The Island is famed for its lush farmland and picturesque coastline along with a burgeoning economy based on Tourism, Agriculture and Fishing.

Under the Prince Edward Island’s provincial nominee program known as PEI PNP prospective immigrants meeting the required criteria concerning skills & experience in demand within the province can submit their application for consideration by the provincial government for attaining a PEI provincial nomination certificate after which they can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency.



Candidates who are eligible to enter express entry pool and have created their profile in it can move forward and submit a petition under the PEI PNP stream and upon doing so the applicants profile in Express entry will be evaluated by the Prince Edward provincial government as per their need and if the potentiality of the profile suits its current economic demand then the applicant will be issued a nomination to move ahead and file for PR.

Kindly note the processing time of  PEI Express Entry stream is faster than any other immigration program in Canada.


Applicants having sufficient capability and required expertise along with the related experience that is in demand in PEI labour market can demonstrate their willingness in this province by submitting their application under this stream.

This stream is further segregated into three sub-categories

  • Skilled Worker:-

To submit an application under this category the applicant should have been either identified or employed by a PEI Employer. The applicant should have mandatory experience and skill concerning the relatable line of work with not less than a diploma or a post-secondary degree.

  • Critical Worker:-

An applicant who has already been employed by a PEI employer and whose employer is willing to sponsor him/her for Permanent Residency may come forward and submit their application under this category. Eligible applicants basically work in a semi-skilled or unskilled profession.   

  • International Graduate:-

Applicants can opt for this category if they have graduated from any college or university situated within the province of Prince Edward Island and have already been hired by a PEI employer. They are required to work in a skilled profession under their chosen field of study.


The province of Prince Edward Island accepts an application under this category from individuals who are willing to do investment and run a business in the province of PEI.

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