Canadian Experience Class

Canada offers several immigration programs through which it allows foreign nationals to live and work in this developed nation. While some offer temporary residency others offer permanent residence. The Canadian Experience Class is one such program through which foreign citizens can migrate to the country and gain permanent residency. This program is specifically for those individuals who have already migrated to Canada on a temporary work visa or student visa and have gained some work experience in the country.

Candidates with open or closed work permit or pursuing their post-graduations are eligible for visa under Experience Class since they have already proven their language proficiency. Temporary workers or students residing in Canada are the most eligible candidates for this program.

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Eligibility Criterion

Eligibility for Canadian visa under experience class is as follows:

  • The applicant must possess experience in the chosen occupation mentioned under various NOC (National Occupation Code) categories, viz.
    • Managerial jobs (Skill Type O)
    • Professional skilled jobs (Skill Type A) and;
    • Technical or skilled trades jobs (Skill Type B)
  • The applicant must have at least 12 months of experience in the job he has chosen to perform in the last three years preceding the date of application.
  • The individual must have worked as a full-time employee, clocking at least 30 hours a week. Moreover, the job must have been a paid job.
  • The individual must be proficient in English as well as French language. For category O and A professions, an applicant must score at least 6 in all English modules or 248, 309, 206 and 309 in listening, speaking, reading and writing respectively in French exam. For category B exams, the minimum score required in English is 5 in speaking, listening and speaking and 4 in reading. It the applicant is appearing in French proficiency exam then he must score at least 225, 180, 150 and 225 in speaking, listening, reading and writing respectively.
  • The applicant must be wiling to stay in any part of the country except Quebec.

Benefits of work visa under Experience Class

Work visa under experience class is allotted to individuals with at least one year of experience in the occupation they wish to pursue in the three years immediately preceding the date of application. Individuals residing in or out of Canada can apply for visa under the program, provided they can provide desired work experience. Canada is one of those few developed nations that whole-heartedly welcomes skilled immigrants. The benefits of holding visa under experience class program are:

  • The applicant can live as well as work in the country for as long as he wants.
  • The individual can sponsor his family members and get them permanent or temporary residence in Canada.
  • The applicant can apply for Canadian citizenship if he has continuously stayed in the country for at least 3 years or 1095 days.
  • The visa allows students to gain immediate employment and permanent residence in Canada immediately after completing their studies.

Visa application Process

The application for visa under Experience Class program is made through Express Entry system. Under this process, an individual applying for Canadian work visa with permanent or temporary resident status will be evaluated and only the highest ranked applicants will be sent an Invitation to Apply for visa. First, the candidates are asked to fill their respective forms. The applications are to be submitted with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) wherein all the applications are put in a pool. Each applicant is then thoroughly evaluated and pitched against each other.

The next step is profile evaluation wherein each candidate's profile is thoroughly verified and accordingly points are allotted to them. Profile assessment includes evaluating factors like, age, work experience, language proficiency, educational qualifications etc. The Immigration department already has pre-defined criteria based on which points are allotted.

The applications are sifted based on the qualifications of the candidate and requirement of the Department of Immigration. The points are allotted using the Comprehensive Ranking System and the applicants achieving the highest ranks are sent the Invitation to Apply for visa under Express Entry system.

Experience Class Visa Fee

The Experience Class Visa is a premium class visa that allows immigrants to stay in the country for as long as they want by granting them permanent resident status. Every applicant is required to pay two kinds of Government fee to the IRCC. The first is visa application fee and the second is permanent residency fee. The visa application for principal or primary applicant is CAD 475. Unmarried additional applicants below the age of 22 years must pay an application fee of CAD 150. For all other additional applicants, that is, above 22 years or 22 years or below but having a common law partner or spouse are required to pay CAD 550 as visa application fee.

Applicants who wish to get permanent residency are required to pay CAD 490. This fee is similar for all applicants, regardless of their age, marital status, etc.

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