Federal Skilled Trades Program

Canada is a developed nation that awards permanent residency visa to thousands of qualified individuals of foreign nationality. Its a country that offers innumerable growth opportunities to skilled migrants who wish to try their luck in the maple country. The Northern Country has a fast growing economy along with steady political scenario. With low crime rate and good pay, Canada is one of the most preferred immigration destinations among immigrants. It runs various programs through which foreign nationals can apply for work visa. Among these channels there are a few that even grant permanent residency.

Canada is undoubtedly the best nation to migrate to. While there are numerous programs, the most preferred channel is the Canada Express Entry system. Under this program, an individual can apply for visa under these three subclasses, viz.

Foreign nationals who wish to do trades work in Canada can apply for visa under Federal Skilled Trades Program and migrate to the country.

How to migrate to Canada?

Canada uses comprehensive points based system to evaluate and allot visa to foreign citizens. An individual can either apply for visa on IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada), the Canadian Immigration department’s website or through a renowned and recognized visa consultant like Visas Assured. The visa application process is simple and straightforward. The applicant first needs to check his eligibility. If he qualifies he can apply for visa under this scheme. Upon getting shortlisted by the Immigration department, an invitation is sent to the candidate to which he must reply within a stipulated time for the visa to be allotted to him.

The process is easy and transparent but it is quite tedious. The IRCC usually takes around 6-8 months to process applications and shortlist candidates for visa allotment under the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

What is Federal Skilled Trades Program?

The Federal Skilled Trades Program, as the name suggests, is a program that is used to allot work visa to foreign citizens who wish to migrate to the country and work as skilled trade workers in Canada. The program not only provides work visa but permanent residency as well. The Trades program is further sub-divided into 2 categories, viz. Category A and Category B.

Each of these categories has job profiles bifurcated among them based on the purpose of service, viz. domestic and commercial or industrial purpose. Each job profile under these categories is coded and recognised by a unique four digit number. The applicant must ensure that proper code is quoted in his application.

Every year the Canadian Government shortlists around 3000 applications under this program and out of these only 100 applications are chosen under the first category, that is, Category A. All the other applications are selected under Category B. Category A consists of domestic or moderate labor jobs like quarrying, masonry, working in factories, operator, contractors, carpentry, electrical installations, repairs, supervision, mining, logging, operator, forest rangers, mine workers etc. Since these jobs are odd open market jobs, especially for domestic purpose, the Government approves less applications.

Similarly, Category B consists of jobs that are commercially in demand and are required by the Canadian Government to boost its economy. Since people are selected based on the demand in market, the Government hasn’t put any cap on the number of applicants to whom visa will be granted. The job profiles covered under Category B are industrial workers, technicians, chemical experts, tool inspectors, machinists, experts, power system or industrial electricians, cable workers, electricians, telecommunication experts, iron workers, telecom system installers, oil-well drillers and engineers, crane operators, elevator constructors, aircraft engineers, engineers having specialised training in electronic, civil, mechanical, electrical engineering railway engineers, well drillers, petroleum refinery operators, etc.

Eligibility requirements

To qualify for visa under Federal Skilled Trades Program, certain essential qualifications must be fulfilled. The eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • The candidate must possess English or French language proficiency. Also known as litmus test the candidate must score a minimum of 5 marks in listening and speaking and 4 marks in reading and writing in IELTS exam.
  • The individual must possess a minimum score of 67 in his profile evaluation.
  • The applicant must be ready to reside in any state of Canada except for the state of Quebec.
  • The candidate must be willing to select a job mentioned in skill type B (Trades occupation) category of National Occupation Classification (NOC) list.
  • He must possess a job offer from a Canadian employer. He must be willing to work for the employer for at least 1 year from the date of visa allotment.
  • The applicant must have nomination from one of the states of Canada if he doesn’t possess any recruitment letter from an employer.
  • The individual must have worked for at least two years in the selected occupation as a full time worker in the last 5 years of his working history.
  • The candidate must possess certificate of qualification from a provincial body in the selected trade occupation.
  • The applicant must have submitted his Expression of Interest (EOI) online with IRCC.
  • The person must be an individual of good character and must not have any prior criminal record.

Benefits Offered under Federal Skilled Trades Program

The Canadian government offers numerous benefits to applicants who possess visa under federal skilled trades program. They are:

  1. Such individuals can live and work in Canada for as long as they wish to
  2. They are offered permanent residency.
  3. Such visa holders can sponsor a family member for temporary or permanent residency.
  4. The applicants can also apply for Canadian citizenship after spending at least 3 years on Canadian soil.

Visa Allotment Fee

The fee for visa under Federal Skilled Trades Program is CAD 550 which is required to be paid by every applicant. For permanent residency the applicant needs to pay an additional amount of CAD 490, totalling the fee to CAD 1,040. This fee is for one single individual, irrespective of the fact whether he is the primary applicant, co-applicant, spouse or common law partner. If the applicant is less than 22 years, the processing fee is reduced to CAD 475 from CAD 550. For every dependent child, the fee is CAD 150 per child.

The Canadian visa allotment process is simple and easy to comprehend. The first thing an applicant needs to do is submit the application form along with all the essential documents. The Immigration department then evaluates every single profile and allots points based on pre-determined factors. Those applicants who have received the highest scores are shortlisted and sent Invitation to apply for visa. The individuals must reply within the stipulated time frame along with the aforementioned visa fee.

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