Federal Skilled Workers Program

Canada is a popular destination among foreign nationals who wish to immigrate to the beautiful country in search of work. There are various channels or programs through which an individual can apply for work visa and legally enter the country but among those the Federal Skilled Workers Program is the most used channel. Under this program applicants are offered permanent residency along with various other benefits. If you too are planning to migrate to the beautiful country then you have come to the right page.

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Federal Skilled Workers Program

The Federal Skilled Workers Program allows individuals of foreign nationality to enter Canada and live and work for as long as they wish to. In other words, it is a channel that grants work visa along with permanent residency. The immigration procedure is looked after by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the Canadian department of immigration.

To get work visa under the federal skilled workers program, an applicant is required to achieve a minimum score of 67 out of 100 points in profile evaluation. The visa is allotted to qualified applicants having skills and abilities required by the country to boost its economy. Canada follows points-based system to allot visa. The points are given on the basis of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which is quite easy to understand. An applicant can also check his overall score before applying for visa to check his eligibility.

What are the eligibility requirements?

To apply for visa under Federal Skilled Workers Program, you have to be eligible in the following areas:

  • The candidate must possess a minimum of 67 points in his profile evaluation.
  • He should clear language proficiency test in English and/or French language. The minimum score required in IELTS exam is 6.5 in all the skills.
  • The applicant must select an occupation mentioned in the National Occupation Classification (NOC) List. He can choose from either of the three skill types, that is, O (management occupations), A (professional occupations) or B (trade occupations).
  • Get Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) done from recognised authorities. Under the assessment, degrees, diplomas, certificates from foreign institutions are compared with respective Canadian credentials and their credibility is assessed.
  • The individual must have work experience of at least one year in the occupation he wishes to pursue in the last 10 years of his service history. It must be a paid job and not internship or volunteer work
  • The applicant must either have the nomination from a Canadian territory or state or job offer letter from an employer. If he doesn't already have a job he must get enrolled with Job Bank.
  • The individual must he healthy and not suffer from any fatal disease.
  • Lastly, the applicant must not have a criminal record.

Points under Comprehensive Raking System

Under Comprehensive Ranking System all eligible applicants are put in a pool wherein they are evaluated on every point. Every aspect of their profile is assessed and points are given accordingly. From age, educational qualifications and language proficiency to work experience, everything is evaluated and marked. Then profiles are then marked based on the point system and ranked as per the score achieved.

  • Education: The maximum points a candidate can achieve in education factor is 25. It is for those who have completed their PhDs. The minimum marks are 5 for the applicants who have completed high school. The points are given after comparing the degrees of the applicant with respective Canadian credentials and standard of education.
  • Experience: An applicant must have at least one year of experience in the occupation he has chosen from the NOC list in the last 10 years of his service. For an experience of 1 year the points are 5 whereas for 6 years and more the marks are 15. Moreover, a candidate can score a maximum of 15 points in experience.
  • Age: In profile evaluation even age is assessed and points are given depending upon the applicant's age. However, there are not points for applicants under the age of 18 years and above 47 years of age. The maximum points, that is, 12 are for individuals between 18-35 years (including both ages). As the age increases, points decrease.
  • Language Proficiency: Canada has two official languages, viz. English and French. For applicants having English as their first language they must score at least 6.5 in their IELTS exam. Additionally, their individual score in all the 4 skills should not be less than 6.5. Points for CLB Level 7 is 4 while the maximum points are 6 for a score of CLB Level 9. If English is an applicant's second language then he must have a score of 5 in his IELTS exam and for that he will be given 4 points.
    • For applicants having first language as French, they must at least clear NCLC 7 with an individual score of at least 207, 310, 248 and 310 in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking respectively. The maximum points accorded by the Immigration department under language proficiency factor is 7 that can be achieved upon clearing NCLC level 9. If French is the second language of the applicant, then 4 points are given for clearing NCLC level 7.
  • Arranged Employment: The applicants that have already arranged for their employment in Canada are given 10 additional points. These points are awarded depending upon various factors that require in-depth assessment.
  • Adaptability: The Canadian department of Immigration also gives brownie points to applicants who can adapt well in the migrating country. The maximum points given for adaptability are 10.

Visa Application Procedure

To get consideration under Federal Skilled Workers Program, an applicant must first complete his Express Entry profile. Upon submission of the application, evaluation is done by the authorities. If shortlisted, the applicants are sent an invitation to apply. Federal Skilled Workers Program is an invitation only visa program wherein consideration is given to applicants who have received invitations from the department.

The applicants must reply within a specified time period by sending their Expression of Interest (EOI) along with the visa fee

Visa Fee

The processing fee for visa under Federal Skilled Workers Program is CAN$ 550. For those who wish to apply for permanent residency must pay an additional amount of CAN$ 490. So in all an applicant is required to pay CAN$ 1040 to migrate to Canada. Dependent adults applying for visa along with permanent residency are also required to pay CAN $1040 each. The fee for dependent children is CAN $150. Even though the fee is a little expensive, the number of job opportunities Canada offers is worth a try.

The processing of work visa under Federal Skilled Workers Program usually takes around 6-8 months of time. For prompt and dedicated solutions fill in our free assessment form in order to get professional advise from one of our Immigration Consultants and get complete visa solutions under one roof.