How To Apply For Canada PR From India 2018

According to the recent survey, it is shown that Canada has higher immigrants from India. Canada offers good job opportunities and the lucrative job market for the professionals. Canada has the easiest form of Visa program in this world. Some of the popular and renowned programs are Quebec Skilled worker program, Provincial Nominee Programs, Federal Skilled Workers Programs and Express Entry System. Most the Visa programs seem to screen the PR visa applications on the basis of the point-based calculator. If you do not know how to apply for Canada PR from India, then you can read the below-mentioned points. To apply for the Canada PR visa, you have to score at least minimum points. These points will be awarded on the basis of age, employment history, skills, qualification, employment history, qualification, and many other criteria.

Various Methods To Avail Canada PR Visa

Presently, Canada provides 60 ways to immigrate to Canada from various parts of the world under specific immigration program. You can also get your Canada PR visa by applying any of the best programs that suit you in the best way. Canada provides numerous ways through which an individual can obtain permanent residency in Canada.

Express Entry Program

This visa system is based upon the point system so that candidates have to get a good score on each credential. This system of immigration process holds electronic method of immigration applications. To apply for this visa process, you have to meet the important eligibility criteria like work experience, adaptability, educational qualification, language proficiency and funds for proving your immigration.

Provincial Nominee Program

Provinces of Canada provide distinct pathways for the sake of immigration seekers, as every province comes with its own needs and requirements for allowing a foreign national to work and live in a province. Through this program, you can able to fulfill your dreams on immigration and Provincial nominee program has customized the immigration process for international graduates and skilled workers.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Quebec has distinct criteria to nominate applicants through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. To apply for this program, the candidate has to meet required eligibility criteria created by the provincial government. This program is based upon the nomination of candidates according to the province skill requirements for economy and labor market who can add value and contribute to Quebec community.

Start-Up Visa

The candidate who likes to establish a business in Canada & having sufficient skills to hold the business can easily apply for start-up Visa process. You need to provide details of sufficient funds to start a business in Canada. You can also add any of your family members in this visa application process.

Benefits Of Canada PR Visa

If you want to get Permanent residency in Canada then you are sure to enjoy enormous benefits like

  • Live & work indefinitely in the country
  • Handle any course within the country
  • You can enter & exit the country as you like
  • Able to pursue the desired course within the country

It is always beneficial to apply for the permanent resident visa from a professional Immigration Consultant like Visas Assured. You can fill in our free assessment form or call us on 011-49579999 or e-mail us at and one of our Immigration Consultant will get in touch with you to check your eligibility.