How to get PR in Canada from Bangalore?

There can be absolutely no denying in the fact that among all of the world’s major immigration hotpots, Canada immigration is the most popular all over the world and its most successful immigration program that offers Canada PR- Canada Permanent Residence has garnered attention from immigrants looking for better opportunities. To be true, it is the Canada immigration which motivates most of the people like any and everything. An astounding number of migrants to the country are looking to gain the nation’s prized and most sought after Permanent residency (PR) status, and become its permanent residents for obvious reasons. It is often said that Canada is the world’s number one immigration destination.

How to immigrate to Canada?

The only legal way that can help in immigrating to Canada is a Permanent Resident visa. This visa serves as an official permission to relocate to Canada, take up a job that matches their skill & expertise and makes Canada their home forever.

In order to settle in Canada, an applicant is required to fulfill some basic requirements, which are as follows:

  • Make a decision to live & work anywhere in Canada, but not Quebec
  • Fulfill all the eligibility criteria required for Canada Immigration
  • Score a minimum of 67 Points under Canada immigration points select system
  • The person applying for the visa must have the ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language
  • Choose a program under the Canada National Occupation Classification (NOC)

Requirements for Canada Immigration

  1. Eligible Points: evaluation is a method that allows the immigration authorities to determine your eligibility for Canada immigration. They use the Canada Immigration Points Calculator to assess the applicants who want to migrate to Canada. Various factors like age, education, work experience, English language skills, ability to adapt according to the new society, etc. are taken into account and points are allotted against the same as per the Canadian immigration requirements.
  2. Health & Career: Sound health and a decent moral character are two important aspects of Canada immigration. Anyone whose wish is to one day settles in Canada on a permanent residence visa, either individually or with family must initially prove the authorities their health and moral character. As a proof of good health, the applicants must provide proper medical certificates from the national authorities of their residing country. Similarly, for proof of moral character, Police Clearance Certificate is needed to be obtained by the applicant from the authorities of the country in which they have resided for more than six months.
  3. Fund maintenance: To make sure that the applicant can bear the expenses incurred by him and his family during their stay in the country. Canada’s government demands proper source of funds before entering the country. Depending upon the total number of dependent people accompanying the applicant, proof for proper sources of the funds must be provided.

Different types of Visa program for Canada Immigration

 To fully settle in Canada, one requires a permanent resident visa. Applicants can apply under various programs of Canada Express Entry which is a recently introduced system for permanent residence visa application management. Each visa program comes with its own facilities through which candidates can gain work and residency rights.

FSWVP: Federal Skilled Worker Visa Program for the migration of skilled professionals worldwide who have made the decision to settle forever in Canada but do not hold any kind of State nomination or related sponsorship. This visa application judges two core aspects of your- education skills and work experience.

Canadian Experience Class Program: candidates who have prior education or work experience in Canada are eligible to apply for permanent residency through the CEC program. This program is best for students if they have a Canadian degree or temporary workers of Canada who now seek a permanent residence in the country.

Provincial Nominee Program:  Some of the provinces of Canada face a severe crisis of skilled personnel. This is when the Canadian government looks upon talents from outside and nominate them for a Canadian PR.

Quebec Immigration program: Despite being a part of Canada, Quebec has its own immigration rules. So, for those who want to settle in Quebec can do so by the means of Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program.

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