How to get PR in Canada from Mumbai?

Mumbai- the city of glamour is also known as the financial capital of India. Apart from being on the top in terms of GDP and economy in the country, it is also the producer of some of the most skilled professionals around the country. However, keeping into perspective the increasing population, the competition in the job industry is getting stiffer with every passing day. The opportunities available for people in the country are limited while the number of candidates is relatively much larger in number. This is one of the main reasons for the highly skilled and talented professionals from Mumbai are looking for opportunities abroad.

Canada- One of the most favorable choices

There can be no denying the fact that Canada is the most obvious choice for most of the individuals who are looking to migrate overseas from India. Canada also shares a very deep and interconnected bond with India due to the presence of a huge Indian community that is already settled in Canada. Other than this, Canada also shares its cultural, moral, and democratic values with India. When it comes to immigration, Mumbai is no exception in sending immigrants to Canada as each year a lot of people move to Canada from Mumbai.

If you are one of the aspirants in Mumbai who is in pursuit of Permanent residence in Canada, you may need to be in touch with a reliable Canadian immigration consultancy service to start your application process for immigration to Canada from Mumbai. However, it is not necessary for you to limit your search around consultancy services that are located in Mumbai. You can also take the help and services of genuine and reliable Canada immigration consultant outside Mumbai like Visas Assured.

As most of the process involved in your immigration application is online, it hardly matters whether you take the services of someone in Mumbai or out of Mumbai. Most of the services that any typical visa consultancy service provides can be availed through an online medium as well. Today, there are a lot of communication and document exchange mediums available in the country to coordinate in regards to immigration and visa consultancy services, i.e. Skype chat, uploading and scanning documents, exchange through email, etc.

What steps do you need to follow for the application process?

  • Effective from 31 July 2018, a person applying for immigration visa needs to register their biometrics like fingerprint and photos at the Visa Application Center.
  • For temporary resident visa, study visa and work permit, applicants are required to update their biometrics once every 10 years. However, those who are applying for a permanent residence visa, need to provide their biometrics with each application.
  • If you have already applied for the temporary resident visa, study visa or work permit and you are not sure whether you have provided the biometrics or not, you are requested to please refer to the official IRCC website.

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Read all the documents and the information on the visa requirements on the IRCC website and download the relevant application form and checklist. Go to the “VISA TYPES” page to get more details about different types of visa.

Step 2: Fill out your application form and other related documents electronically and take a print out of the same. If you fail to provide any of the necessary documents as mentioned in the checklist, you will need to sign a waiver form and attach it with your application form.

Step 3: Go through the attached privacy policy and fill out the VFS Consent Form and attach it with your application. If a properly signed VFS Consent form is not attached then your application may be refused or rejected altogether.

Step 4: Pay the applicable visa fees as per the instructions on the Canadian Visa Official website. If you are applying for the visa the CVAC, then you need to pay your application fee in addition to the CVAC service charge.

Step 5: Next, you need to visit your local CVAC with your original passport, photographs, completed application forms and all supporting documents as per the checklist and the receipt against payment of the fee.

Step 6: After paying the service charges, hand over your application and obtain a receipt at the CVAC. The receipt contains your unique tracking ID which you can use to track your application status.

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Mumbai is one of the most popular cities in India and a lot of working professionals need help to immigrate to Canada. This guide is for individuals who want to migrate from Mumbai to Canada on PR basis.