How to get PR in Canada from Saudi Arabia?

Are you looking to move from Saudi Arabia to Canada? Well, this must be a moment of a mixed emotion of both confusions as well as excitement for you. The reason for your excitement is quite evident as you are moving to a country which is fantastic, immigration friendly, democratic, culturally diverse, advanced, and an ideal country like Canada from a country which has a much more closed society.

However, the confusion persists regarding the choice of the right pathway or visa category for immigration to Canada.

Some of the key visa categories in Canada

There are various visa categories from which you can choose the one which suits your need the most, in order to move to Canada from Saudi Arabia. These categories are exclusively based on your purpose of visit to Canada (i.e. work, study, business, etc.) along with tour purpose and duration of stay in Canada. These are the different kinds of visa and you can choose the one that suits you the best to apply soon.

  • Canadian PR VisaThis is a permanent visa that will provide you the opportunity to live and work in Canada permanently. Being a permanent citizen of Canada, you will get almost all the rights and facilities that most of the citizens of Canada enjoy. In order to apply for permanent residence, you can apply in any of the key immigration programs that provide PR like Express Entry, PNP, Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), etc. However, the Express Entry system is the most popular and easiest way of applying for Canadian permanent residence.
  • Working Holiday Visa- This visa type has been designed by the IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) that allows the youngsters (age between 18-30 years)from other nations to visit Canada to work while enjoying their holiday. This visa is valid for a limited period of time (usually one year). It is a short-term visa which also provides work authorization.
  • Business VisaThis visa type has also been designed by the IRCC for those individuals who are in search of better business and investment opportunities in Canada. The main business visa categories are as follows:
    • Startup Visa Program
    • Immigration Investor Venture Capital Pilot (IIVC) program
    • Quebec Business Immigration Program
    • Business, Entrepreneur and Investment Programs in other provinces of Canada

Although to apply for business or investment visa, you need to mention the appropriate amount that you are going to invest in Canada as per the separate business visa program requirement.

  • Canadian Study permit- As the name suggests, this visa is exclusively designed for the students looking for an opportunity to study in Canada by securing their admission to some of the top educational institutions there. In order to apply for the study permit, you will first need to get an acceptance letter from the approved educational institution in Canada. You will also be required to provide a proof of funds to stay and pay your tuition fees in Canada.
  • Visitors Visa – If you want to get a taste of the mesmerizing beauty and the panoramic landscape of the beautiful maple leaf country, you can go for the relevant visit visa. These are some of the key requirements that you need to fulfill to enter Canada as a tourist:
    • Valid passport, and travel documents
    • Health and Character certificates
    • You need to convince the immigration officer that once your visit gets over or your visa expires, you will return back to your homeland.
    • You will also need to show the proof of funds required to support your stay in the country.

How to choose and apply for the right type of visa?

If you are moving to Canada from Saudi Arabia for a permanent residence, then you must choose the correct type of visa to enter the country and live and get settled there.

If things get very confusing for you, then you can seek the help of qualified and experienced Canadian immigration Experts like Visas Assured, who will provide you the best possible assistance regarding all the issues from choosing the right visa type to follow the entire process in a trouble-free manner. Indeed Canada is one of the best countries to look out for.

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