How to get PR in Canada from Singapore?

Canada is one of those countries which provide you with the hassle-free immigration process. The country is always looked upon by those who are in search of a better life as well as better job opportunities. Every year a lot of people apply for permanent residency in Canada. Some of those are lucky while others miss the opportunity due to discrepancy while following some simple steps. These are some of the common challenges that people face while applying for PR in Canada.

  • Slim possibility of approval- After the changes in the immigration policy in 2009, ICA has stepped up the application criteria for Singapore citizens and PR policy to maintain the population. With around 70% approvals being cut down every year, it is very difficult to convince the ICA controller in favor of your application over thousands of other applications.
  • Lack of precise and proper guidelines- The documents required for verification and eligibility are pretty easy. However, despite pouring all of your effort and time in fulfilling the due diligence, most of the time your application gets rejected. You scratch your head thinking, where have I done the mistake here? What is that ICA really wants from us?
  • Complicated work and process- Applying for Canadian permanent residency require a great amount of patience, time and effort. All your documents and information must be compiled and prepared accurately. Although it is simple to search for the procedures to apply for Canadian PR on the internet, the entire application process can be way more complicated and be exhausting then you have expected for. If getting a PR in Canada was that simpler, everybody would have got one.

Now the question is that how can you increase your success rate amidst all these challenges? Here are a few tips:

  1. Get professional advice from immigration experts– Do not rely on various marketing and publicity stunts who claim to provide a 96% or 98% success rate to draw more clients towards them. Instead look out for clients that can to build significant trust and confidence with their unparalleled professional services. For the most part of the business, an effective partnership is built through years of experience and integrity. They must be able to guide you through consultations and hold your hand to the path of getting a higher approval success for your Canada PR application.
  2. E-PR system– Everything has now gone online. As such your immigration partner must be able to advise you through the latest steps that will help you to get prepared for ICA’s new implementation of PR submission- the e-PR system.
  3. Taking into factor various ICA guidelines and other factors– ICA takes various factors into consideration such as family ties to Canada, your family profile, Social and economic contributions, qualifications and age in order to assess the applicant’s ability to merge into their society as well as their commitment to grow their roots in the country. You need to refine your profile as per the needs of Canadian Immigration Policy.
  4. Key documents required during the application process– There are a variety of applicants trying to secure their PR in Canada. Some of them may have a better profile, higher salary or may be much younger than you. The key is to make your application stand out from the rest and convince ICA to approve you over others. You will require proper assistance and guidance to take you through the entire application process by preparing your additional documents to make your application look more promising.
  5. Go for customized cover letters– As there is no interview process for Canadian PR application, the only way for ICA to know about you is through the documents that you have submitted during the application process. Although, even this may seem insufficient as there are a lot of applications solely based on the documents that you have provided for PR in Canada. You need to tailor your application with the help of your immigration partner making clear on how you can contribute to the development of Canada with your unique strength, cultural awareness, your ability to assimilate with their culture and multi-linguistic society during your stay in Canada.

Immigration to Canada can be a bit of a tricky task. We have a team of knowledgeable professionals who can make your journey smoother. You can fill up our free assessment form or e-mail your queries to so that we can get in touch with you for the free profile eligibility check.

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Immigration to Canada from Singapore can be time consuming and difficult at the same point in time. There are different ways to immigrate to Canada from Singapore, This guide lists all the possibilities to migrate to the maple country.
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