Quebec Skilled Worker

Every year thousands of individuals of foreign nationality apply for work visa but only a few ever get selected to enter Canada and become permanent residents. There are various programs run by the Canadian Government under the umbrella of Express Entry System, the most prominent and popular immigration channel. While there is a federal immigration system, the Canadian Government also allows its provinces to run their own provincial nomination programs to allot visas to migrants. For instance, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan etc. run their own provincial nominee programs to allot work visas to skilled foreign nationals as per their individual requirements.

Quebec is the largest and most developed province of Canada. It is located in the Eastern Zone of Canada and is the only state wherein French is spoken predominantly. It is ranked 37th among the largest economies of the world and is preceded by Greece. It also has the 28th highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Quebec is a bigger market than most people realize. It employs more than 1.5 lac people and is a house of more than 70,000 businesses.

Quebec Skilled Workers Program

Quebec skilled workers program is one of the most popular provincial nomination programs run by the State. It is also preferred by many foreign nationals. While federal immigration programs let you stay in any part of the country, provincial nomination programs are for in-state residence only. Immigrants opting for Quebec Skilled Workers Program are not allowed to live and work in any other territory other than Quebec.

Eligibility Requirements

The visas allotted under Express Entry System are invitation-only visas that require candidates to fulfil certain eligibility criteria, which are:

  • The applicant must score a minimum of 49 points in his overall profile evaluation. If the applicant is married and is accompanied with a spouse then minimum points required to be scored are 57.
  • The individual and his family must be willing to live in the state of Quebec.
  • The candidate must be proficient in English or French language. He must possess a minimum score of 5 in IELTS in all English language skills, viz. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Alternatively, the applicant needs to clear level 7 that is the advanced intermediate level in the French language exam.
  • The individual must have a job offer from a Canadian employer.
  • The candidate’s age must not be less than 17 years.
  • The applicant must select a job from the Occupations List and fulfil the requirements as asked.
  • He must have at least 1 year of work experience as a full time employee in the last 5 years immediately preceding the date of application.
  • The applicant is also required to complete at least 1 year of practical training in the skill he wishes to pursue his career in. The training can either be paid or unpaid. Internship or article-ship is also considered as valid for points in the Area of Training (AoT) factor.
  • The applicant must possess a diploma or degree in the field in which he wishes to pursue his career in. The degree must either be equivalent to a similar diploma course prevalent in Quebec or recognized by a foreign university.
  • The individual must have good health.
  • The candidate must also have financial sufficiency to provide for himself and his family for at least 3 months.
  • The candidate must be an individual of good character without any prior criminal record.

Profile Assessment

The applications for Quebec Skilled Workers visa are processed by Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the Canadian immigration department. An individual can also apply through registered or recognized immigration consultants like Visas Assured. Submitting an applicant through a consultant has its advantages, like free assessment of one’s profile is provided to determine his eligibility, all documents are properly verified by the before final submission, etc.

The visa allotment process is mainly divided into steps, viz. profile evaluation and invitation to apply. Under the first step every application is put in a pool. The immigration department then evaluates every applicant’s profile and allots points as per comprehensive evaluation system. The maximum points and the basis on which points are allotted are already provided by the immigration department.

The maximum points per aspect are as follows:

Factors of SelectionMaximum points
Work Experience8
Language Proficiency8
Job Offer10
Area of Training (AoT)16
Single or Accompanied with Spouse17
Children Accompanying the Applicant8
Kith or kin living in Quebec8
Financial Capability1

Visa Allotment

After profiles are evaluated the applicants receiving the maximum points are shortlisted and an Invitation to Apply is sent to the respective candidates on their e-mail ids. Since this is an invitation-only visa every candidate thats selected must respond to the invitation within the prescribed time mentioned in the mail. The applicant must reply and remit the visa application fee as well.

Application Fee

The visa application fee for work visa under Quebec Skilled Workers Program is CAD $779 for principal applicant. The fee for an accompanying spouse or common-law partner is CAD $167. The applicant is also required to pay an additional CAD $167 for each dependent child. This fee of CAD $779 is only for work visa and not for permanent residency for which every candidate must pay an additional amount.

Processing Time

It takes time for immigration department to process visa applications and shortlist ideal applicants. Even though the Quebec Skilled Workers Program comes under the umbrella of Express Entry System, it takes around 1 year to process an application. However, the processing time can even increase to as must as 3 years. The processing time varies according to the nationality of the applicant.

For Indians the visa processing time is around 12 months.

Benefits of permanent residency

Permanent residents as they are called once they are granted permanent residency, are bestowed upon various benefits by the Canadian Government. The visa-holders can:

  • Live and work in the country for as long as they wish to.
  • Avail medical facilities at reasonable rates.
  • Enroll for various social security schemes.
  • Sponsor a friend or family member for permanent or temporary residency.
  • Obtain citizenship if the applicant resides in the country for a stipulated time and fulfills certain conditions.

Canada is a worthy option for those who wish to earn handsomely and make full use of their caliber. The Maple Country offers numerous opportunities to migrants. Take the biggest leap of your career and fly to Quebec, the most developed province of Canada.