New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand is a fascinating island which is located in the southwestern part of Pacific Ocean. This country ensures to offer a fabulous lifestyle with safe & stable political environment, long-established democracy and multicultural society impacting migration from various parts of the world for many years. New Zealand is considered as the most popular countries to study, work, live and do business. The New Zealand culture is formed by a distinct mixture of European and Maori culture. It is the most beautiful and cleaned country in the world with fascinating landscape beauty and sceneries. In addition to that, it has huge career opportunities, life balance and perfect work with appropriate workplace laws favoring the workers or employees.

Why Is New Zealand Considered As Ideal Immigration Destination?

  • New Zealand stands 3rd in the universe for being most peaceful and safe country
  • New Zealand is one of the most beautiful and cleaned countries in the globe
  • New Zealand has got best education system in the universe and it is regarded as the best place for encouraging and safe learning environment
  • Government encourage and support skilled migrates to this country
  • It ranks 7th in the world for the human development index
  • This country has plenty of industries which are facing the difficulty of skilled employees which leads to numerous opportunities for other overseas professionals work in New Zealand
  • Relatively simple & hassle-free immigration process to facilitate the immigration of skilled workers from various parts of the world.
  • Crime rates are quite lesser in New Zealand compared to other countries around the globe.

New Zealand Visa Requirements

We offer comprehensive immigration and visa services including exceptional success rate, immigration advice from registered agents, document checking as well as visa process. In order to become eligible for immigration towards New Zealand as a skilled migrant, you have to meet the basic needs.


To become eligible for New Zealand immigration under the category of skilled migrant, you must follow the important points:

  1. Must be below 56 years of age
  2. Meet up the English language, character and health requirements
  3. You must also score 100 points in terms of Point System for submitting the “Expression of Interest”. However, the points are allocated based on the skills, qualifications, relevant work experience and age and also based on a job offer in New Zealand

Expression of Interest

The Expression of Interest permits the New Zealand Immigration service to evaluate your age, health, English language, character and other relevant information.

Choice of Expression of Interest

An Expression of Interest is gathered & ranked from higher to lower points. General selections which are made from the collected & successful applicants are invited by our New Zealand Immigration Service to submit an application for residence.

Application for Residence

You have to provide evidence along with your application which supports all claims related to Expression of Interest. Therefore, it is essential to submit your application before the deadline to avoid negative penalties to migration legislation.


We evaluate the provided evidence in the application and your capability to make a worthy contribution to the economic and social development of New Zealand.

Choosing The Right New Zealand Visa

There are plenty of visas which are found to be eligible for you and everyone has its own application process and criteria:

Temporary Visas

The Temporary Visa permits you to work and live in New Zealand for the specified time period. However, working temporarily is also considered as the significant step for gaining residence & settling here permanently.

There are numerous work visas for employees who work in a specific profession which faces skill shortages or got a job offer from the employer of New Zealand. Most of the visas do not have a specific age limit.

Other than that, the working holiday visa is created for the youngsters who are aged between 18 to 30 years or 35 years according to their citizenship. This option makes you work and travel in New Zealand for the maximum of 12 months or 23 months if you migrate from Canada or UK.

Resident Visas

The Resident Visa normally permits you to work and live in New Zealand indefinitely & have access to openly funded services.

Another option available for Resident visa is Residence from Work Visa. Once you have used the work to residence visa for about 24 months, then you are eligible to apply for the Resident Visa.

The Skilled Migration section makes use of points system depending on various factors like age, qualification, work experience & an offer of a skilled job to determine eligibility.

Family Work Visa

This visa option allows the spouse/partner of immigrant & dependent children within the age of 24 to get permanent resident status in the New Zealand country. You can able to join with your spouse in New Zealand and work by getting a visa.

Student Visa

The New Zealand government motivates the foreign student to pursue in their colleges or universities. In addition to the studies, the eligible candidates can also work about 20 hours in a week. Applicants who have met the permanent resident criteria and finished the requisite qualifications can able to apply for permanent residency or work permit after finishing their studies.

Business Visa

A business visa allows people start a new business in New Zealand. It is designed for the people who like to start or invest in a new business. There are three major types of business visa New Zealand including:

  • Entrepreneur – This option is suitable for those who are expertise business person & likes to be self-employed in their business in New Zealand.
  • Investor – This visa option attracts the business people who want to invest in New Zealand.
  • Relocation of business – It facilitates the relocation of the business to New Zealand especially for those who do not found eligible for residence under any of the business category.

Immigration Options For All

The interest of immigration has brought a huge pool of workers in terms of infrastructure projects & aiding the national economy to grow & proper. In total, the country has got 41 thousand new migrants in July 2014. Due to the increasing immigration, there has been the addition of active labor supply and thus maintaining the participation rate to about 70%. New Zealand is happening to be the fantastic destination for the people who look for aspiring and new future.

If you want to lead a good life in New Zealand permanently then you must know about basic visa options which are based on your skills and occupation.

  • Skilled Migrant Category – This visa option is applicable for people who have sufficient skills, experience and qualification according to the New Zealand employment needs.
  • Work to Residence – This visa option is available for people who are skilled in employment which is a huge demand in New Zealand or receives a job offer from the employer of New Zealand or has exclusive talent in arts or sports.

The above-mentioned options will let you for availing temporary work visa however it is the step towards attaining permanent residence.

  • Residence from work – This visa option is available for people who reside in New Zealand already in terms of work to resident visa and wish to apply for residence.

Where To Apply For New Zealand Immigration Visa?

Ranging from free assessment to Immigration of New Zealand, we offer best services with reasonable price rate. We are here to guide and support you through the complete pathway of the immigration process and make your whole documentation process less time consuming and easy. Since we care more about the value of money and time so you are sure to get good-quality services for your money spend.

Why Use Our Service To Migrate To New Zealand

Several people migrate to New Zealand without involving the assistance of licensed immigration services. Due to this reason, there are plenty of migrants who search for migration agents to improve their chances & formulate an individualized and clear path through numerous immigration policies. Immigration to New Zealand seems to be a lengthy and complex process as our immigration consultants will help in facilitating the whole process

  • Always up-to-date: Our team of advisors continually update themselves about the changes taking place in the immigration
  • Hassle-free: The immigration policy of New Zealand manual is quite large. To prepare the applications correctly, you need to know the relevant policy & its interpretations.
  • Follow Up: We provide continued and ongoing support throughout the process. We will keep in touch with you until you settle in New Zealand.
  • No Time wasted: Most of the people have started the visa applications on their own but end up in making mistakes or submitting wrong information to the immigration Once you have given the wrong information then it turns to be difficult to correct. We are here to assist you in getting your visa process completed on time.
  • Dedicated Advocacy: Being a licensed immigration consultancy, our main task is to advocate for you & your family to ease the things related to New Zealand immigration.