New Zealand Refugee Family Support Visa

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About the visa

It is important for the refugee to learn more about the refugee family support resident visa. You can take the perfect advice here for applying for the refugee visa. This is only applicable if your family members sponsor you for the ideal residence. It is important for the sponsor to register with the immigration consultant. Whether the registration is selected, the family members are able to apply for the residence. There are lots of things one should note before applying for the visa. With the help of the visa, you can live, work and study in the proper place.

It is suitable for the partner and dependent children under the residence application. You can first complete the sponsor registration and then go to the next step. If you need to apply for the visa, you can send the application twelve months before. You can know the stages of the application process.

  • First of all, the sponsors must be register with the immigration consultant.
  • It is necessary for the sponsors complete the refugee family support category sponsor form.
  • You can send the form with the required registration fee along with the proper documents.
  • Based on this, the consultants choose the sponsor registration and invite the refugee to apply for the residence.
  • With the aid of our professionals, you can simply enter into the refugee family support category. The consultant checks that the refugee keeps up the eligible sponsor. You can sponsor the eligible person.
  • Next, you can apply for the residence and fill the proper application for gaining the resident visa.
  • You can ask someone help to fill the form and enter the proper details.
  • You can follow the rules about the immigration process that important for applying for the residence.
  • Finally, the consultant makes the decision about the application. The application can be processed for several months.
  • You can get in touch with us and get the proper solution for the refugee visa.

Stages of the refugee support family visa

This one requires different stage that helpful for the people to apply. This type of visa lets the family of the refugees stay and settle permanently in New Zealand. The New Zealand government allows nearly three hundred and place for the refugee’s family members to live in New Zealand. The family members of refugees can only live in this place with the help of the refugee family support category. The visa process requires three stages.

  • You can need to register first as a sponsor beside the three hundred and places.
  • The registration can be selected based on the family members that have quickly transport the family to the required place.
  • The family members must apply for the residence. If the registration is selected from tier one and tier two queues, the people meet the eligibility criteria of the visa process.
  • The family members only able to apply for the visa on the basis of the refugee family support category.

The people must follow the tier one and tier two sponsorship eligibility requirements. We help the refugee to live in New Zealand. It is advised for the sponsor under this category to register with the tier one or tier two sponsor. This is best for the family members prior to the family members invite you to apply for the resident visa. The sponsors follow the queue system for the sponsor registration.

Follow the queue system

If you are interested in applying for the permanent visa, one of your family members should sponsor you. The refugee family support is maintained by the two-tier system. There are three hundred and places available for the tier one and tier two sponsors. When it comes to the tier one sponsor, the people have not family New Zealand is first access to the available places. Once the tier one registration is completed, then the tier two registrations can be selected. So, the people follow the important steps to apply for the visa. You can keep the proper document very handy at the time of the registration and visa process.

Sponsorship criteria for the refugee family support

The sponsor under this category follows some important things. With the sponsor, you can get the residence depending on the refugee or protected person.

  • This is not suitable for the previously sponsored someone that grand under this category.
  • You should be visit in New Zealand and complete 18 years of age.
  • You must be eligible for the one or two-tier criteria.

Apart from this, the sponsors also follow the rules of the residence visa. The applicants consider some important things in order to apply for the permanent visa. You can take some things in your mind and consider the rules and regulation of the refugee visa.

  • The sponsor must be live in New Zealand and hold the citizenship.
  • It is important for the sponsor to manage the New Zealand resident and permanent resident visa.
  • You cannot be sponsored by the financial reward and do not convict the offense under the law.
  • You do not have the previously reached sponsorship obligation.
  • The sponsors do not keep up the custodial sentence that affects the visa process.

Tier one sponsor

The tier one sponsor must be eligible for the sponsorship criteria. It is important for the sponsor to eligible for the sponsorship. You can check it and then make the right decision to apply for the visa.

  • The sponsor should be in New Zealand and manage the current residence permit, resident class visa and grant the residence in New Zealand based on the refugee status.
  • The users don’t have the relative life permanently in this place and sole carer of the dependent relative.
  • You don’t have the sponsor under this category before applying for the visa.
  • In the tier one eligibility, one can get the sponsorship from parents, grandparents, uncle, aunt, and others.

Tier two sponsor

The candidates must meet the tier two sponsorship criteria. The people keep some important things and then do the process for applying for the visa.

  • You must have the family in New Zealand. You can get the sponsor from your family member under the refugee family support category.
  • The people don’t get the sponsor if the family members are eligible for any other residence.
  • You can keep up the residence class visa for at least three years.
  • At the tier two sponsor, you can get the sponsorship from the parents, adult sibling, grandparent, and others.

Pay the required pay

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