Residence to Work Visa

New Zealand is the best destination which is situated in Southwest of Pacific Ocean. The country offers a fantastic lifestyle with its long-established democracy, stable and safe political environment and multicultural society reflecting migration from various parts of the world. So New Zealand is one of the best and most beautiful countries to work, live, study and business.

The crime rate in New Zealand is very low and it makes the 3rd peaceful and safest country to live and work in the world. This country is the most beautiful and cleaned country in the world with 30% area dedicated to New zeland and spectacular landscapes & sceneries beauty. It has the many career opportunities for the employees to work. It is the perfect destination to work and life balance with most considerable workplace laws of the workers and employees.

Are you looking to apply for the New Zealand permanent visa? Do you need the step to apply for New Zealand Permanent Residence visa? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. New Zealand is one of the preferred countries for Indian while applying for the PR visa. There is the huge range of the immigration services available in the present scenario. So choose the best service which suits you. We are one of the leading immigration advisory companies who offer consultation for the immigration options worldwide for the people.

Various Visa categories

New Zealand offers visa for a wide range of categories for the people to live, work, study, and business. The types of visa we offer are given below

New Zealand Permanent Residency

New Zealand is one of the most peaceful countries to work, live and get settled permanently. The moderate climate, low unemployment rate, friendly settings, low population makes this country has the best place in the world to settle. If you need PR visa then you can apply for the visa in our website. To apply for the PR, you need to choose the want category of visa you need to apply.

There are more benefits of getting Permanent residency visa which is given below

  • This type of visa allows you to live in New Zealand forever
  • It gives you unrestricted rights to study, work, and live in New Zealand
  • You need to pay domestic fees and not international fees for education
  • You can sponsor your friends and family to become permanent residents
  • You will be free to get medical and social security benefit
  • Children born in this country will be New Zealand citizens by birth

Visit Visa

If you planning a holiday trip abroad then New Zealand is the best and right option for you. It is because of its landscape beauty, amazing beaches, and rainforests, temperate climate and others. It is also the safe and secure destination for the tourists. There are many numbers of reasons to visit New Zealand such as the sightseeing, holidays, etc. This type of visa is able to demonstrate evidence of your purpose of visit. There is a wide range of categories under this type of visa which depends upon our purpose of visit with some additional evidence and requirements. They are partners, children, relatives, employment and business related.

Study visa

New Zealand is the famous destination for the childhood education. Most of the people come to the world to New Zealand to study their early childhood. This country offers the free education for all the New Zealand children from 5 to 19 years and it is compulsory for the 6 to 16 years children. It offers the safe learning environment with the amazing and excellent opportunities for the international students. There are many courses are available for the students such as academic, professional, etc at schools, universities and much more. Students from various countries like Europe, UK, Asia, India, etc are getting study visa to visit New Zealand.

Working visa

New Zealand has a wide range of industries for the skilled experience. The country offers the extensive opportunities for the skilled professionals to work in the industry. The people who want to enter and work legally work in New Zealand can apply for the work visa before moving. Before getting visa it is essential to know what the working visa categories are.  There are two types of working visa categories such as the working permanently in New Zealand and working temporarily in New Zealand. So choose the best which fits your requirements and eligibility.

Working holiday visa

New Zealand is one of the ideal countries to work, live and visit. The lifestyle and beauty of this place attract the people from all around the world to come and enjoy the working holidays in New Zealand. Through working holiday visa New Zealand offers working holiday program. This type of visa offers a short-term holiday to work in order to spend your holidays. This visa category is for the citizens which the New Zealand government has an agreement to enhance the legacy exchange. This visa is also facilities for the youth between the 18 to 30 ages from different countries of the world.

Business visa

New Zealand is the ideal country for the investment and business. This business visa is specially designed to encourage and promote the foreign investment and business in order to enhance and develop the economy in the country. New Zealand is the 3rd best and ideal country for the business growth due to the steady and transparent business environment. There are two types of business visa they are investor and entrepreneurs. Are you willing to set your business in New Zealand? Well, then you are the right place. Our well-experienced staffs will help you to find out and apply the business visa which is suitable your needs.

Get New Zealand work to residence visa

The New Zealand Work to Residence visa category is one of the popular ways of qualifying for residence in New Zealand. The successful candidates are able to use a temporary Work Visa as a step towards to settle in a New Zealand permanently. In the Work to Residence Policy, there are four streams. All the policy are multiple-entry visa which allows permit holders to work in New Zealand for 2 years before being eligible for residence. They are given below:

  • Talent work policy – this policy is applicable to the candidates who have the skills required by the New Zealand employer to hire workers.
  • Talent work policy (Art, sports, and culture) – this policy is applicable for the applicants with outstanding talent in the arts, culture or sports who can absolutely make a payment to the growth of New Zealand in one of these fields.
  • Long-term skill shortage list work policy – this policy is applicable to the candidates who work in an occupation on the Long-term skill shortage list
  • Long-term business Visa policy – This policy is for the applicants who are truly looking to set up a business in New Zealand.

For each stream, the candidates must be able to meet the health, age, and character requirements under New Zealand Work to Residence category, as well as be a bonafide visa candidate.

Common eligibility criteria for work to residence visa

New Zealand offers a wide range of work visas. All are temporary and some can lead to the residence. In the below, you can get the common eligibility criteria for all the categories of work to residence visa

  • You should have the best moral conduct and good health
  • You should truly want to work in New Zealand
  • You must obey New Zealand rules and regulations
  • You should have a passport which is valid for at least three months
  • With the conditions specified on the visa, you must plan to do work
  • You must only stay in New Zealand for the time allowed by your visa

Why New Zealand is an ideal immigration destination

There are many reasons why New Zealand is the best country in the world to live and work and an ideal destination. The reasons are given below:

  • New Zealand is most beautiful and cleaned countries in the world
  • The country ranks No.7th in the world on the human development index
  • And also it ranks 3rd for being most peaceful and sage country in the world.
  • New Zealand has many numbers of industries which are facing a shortage of skilled employees into more extensive opportunities to work in the country
  • The Government of New Zealand encourages and support the skilled migrates to the country
  • It is very simple and hassle-free immigration procedure to facilitate the skilled migrants from all parts of the world
  • Also, New Zealand had got the best education systems for the secure and encouraging learning environment in the world.

Why choose our service

Our experienced staffs know the complete requirement process for the work to residence visa.   You can pay the required fee for the visa process. If you need to apply for the New Zealand work to residence visa you can just contact us and get the services immediately. By hiring our services you can get more benefits which are given below:

  • We will help to apply for the visa without any hassle
  • 100% customer satisfaction
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