USA EB1 EB5 visa

Most of the USA visitors will aim at to the employment visa the reason is they will get an extended period to stay as well as there is no need for visa issues. But as per the law of the USA immigration, there will be of some certain laws and rules to get the employment.

And the next term is that the visa will be accessible only to the knowledgeable persons and they need to clear some test to enter into the US immigration. Also, the fact is we don’t need to worry about the possibilities of visa because there are many such types and classifications are available on the US visa each of the visa types will get differentiate as per the knowledge, skills, interesting areas, requirements of the employee like that.

In the below info all the classifications of the law and its role will be explained. They are:

EB1 Visa:

This visa is the first and foremost Employment First Preference (EB1) visa which will be offered only for the employs who lead the first priority. The benefits of this Employment First Preference (EB1) visa is that the participant doesn’t need to provide the certificate of labor instead of that they can get the Immigrant Petition for Foreign Worker which is allocated by USCIS.


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The different part of Employment First Preference (EB1) visa:

Super skilled:

This category will carry out the persons who got the extraordinary knowledge in the science-oriented and other streams like science, arts, academics, business, and athletics. All the mentioned participants have to assign with the proper documentation by the authority of the national or international community. They have to possess with some experience. For their experience and skills, they won’t asked for the appointment letter to enter instead of they can insert the Immigrant Petition for Foreign Worker which is allocated by USCIS.


Teachers and professors who got certifications from the worldwide institution and they are possessed with the experience of 3 years. And that experience will be teaching field only not other.

MNC employers:

The last and the final reorganization of this visa are for the employs of Multinational companies whose designations such as managers, executives. They also need to hold the experience of 3 years and that can also under the condition of the US employment also in case of the affiliation, parent, subsidiary and the branch of the US employer.

EB 2 Visa:

The Employment Second Preference (EB2) is the second category of visa which needs high and unique requirements. In that, the applying participants have to get advanced degrees and have to able to handle any situation with a correct solution that is related to business. The criteria are:


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An applicant with advanced degree:

They should hold the master or bachelor degree in the perfect stream with the complete manner and the eligibility is they need to have 5 years of experience in the proper field which is related to the degree.

Applicant’s ability:

Have to get extraordinary and outstanding skills in the work with professionals such as in the field of science, arts, and business. All belong to the basic degree but need more knowledge.

EB 3 Visa:

The Employment Third Preference (EB 3) is the third visa which is categories for the participants like skilled workers, Professionals, and Unskilled workers even for the other ones.

For this Employment Third Preference (EB 3) Visa the visa applier have to provide the labor certificate for the entrance of the immigration it’s like a ticket. The criteria:


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For the skilled workers:

They do not shift their job in a frequent manner. They need to fix the job and should hold the experience of 2 years in the related field.

For the Professionals workers:

As per the name, their work should be professional and they have to complete their degree whether it may be bachelor or master and that must get from the US-based affiliated college or university or also from any of the foreign degrees which will be more or less equal to that.

For the unskilled employers:

That is the unskilled workers and the other types of workers should possess with 2 years of experience or even they can get trained for 2 years.

EB 4 Visa:

The Employment Fourth Preference (EB 4) is the lenient visa method but needs some compulsory test and limitations. The advantage is that it doesn’t need any labor certifications and appointment letter instead of that it is only for some sort of applicants they are:

  • The employs who belongs to the International Broadcasting Bureau of the Broadcasting Board of Governor or else the equivalent related ones
  • The ministers and chairman’s of the Religion category
  • The existing employer or the previous former Employees of the US Government which is of foreign
  • Or for the category of the Panama Canal Company or for the Canal Zone
  • For the military side that is for the Iraqi/ Afghan Translator, they should have the experience of working in the army
  • For doctors and kind of Physician
  • The member who worked in the army and the armed force
  • For the previous worker of the NATO-6
  • The soul mate or even their children of the NATO- 6 employs

These are all the persons who can get the Employment Fourth Preference (EB 4). Apart from this other will be categorized to the last visa Employment Fifth Preference (EB 5).


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EB 5 visa:

For the EB 5 classification of visa, there will a program which can monitor the overall concept of the EB 5 visa.

Reasons and peoples who are all eligible to apply for this EB 5 visa:

This is for the peoples who are all entailed with small business and their life partner also their child who doesn’t get married that is single and have to belong to the age of 21.


They can get a chance to apply for the green card that is the permanent residence but they need to follow the upcoming rules. That is:

  • They have to create the correct financial source in their represented business within the United States. For the time period of 10 years, they need to carry out the job as a qualified U.S. worker at that time.
  • These are the rules whereas the details about the EB-5 this is the last and 5th employment-based preference visa most of the visa appliers will aim for this one because it involves more benefits. Actually, this is a program that was introduced.
  • The party of Congress is the one who created the EB-5 Program in the year of 1990.
  • The purpose of this visa is to stimulate the U.S. economy by means of the job creation and through the initial investment with the influence of foreign investors.
  • In the year of 1992, the Congress created the Immigrant Investor Program which incorporates varies methods that will also know as the Regional Center Program.
  •  The definition is off to lead the development of economic by means of EB-5 visas which is for those who invest in commercial enterprises associated with regional centers approved by USCIS based on proposals for promoting economic growth.

About the fee payment:

The cost will get differed as per the category and types of the employer skill. The Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, the form will be of varying amounts at the same time the Petition for American, Widower or for the specific applicants the amount of $220 is charged and that should be collected by the USCIS. Other than this for the medical examination and the other form of classifications, the cost will surely differ and even it cost high.


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The categories in which the cost will be added is that for the translation process, photo printing fees, the immigration requires more documents so for that the availability of the documentation charge it includes passport, police certificates, birth certificates, and many more documents. And the important one is the money which spends on the traveling to the USA. The allowance of the cost which falls on the interview and definitely when we move from one place to another place the spending cost will increase especially from country to country so it is advice able to take more money.

On the whole, all the available criteria and eligibility requires only for the skilled and talented applicants. Other than that the unskilled employs will be offered with some low-income jobs and the category of the visa also available. So the applicant has to choose their respected visa type in which they can able to survive and in which they can select in the easy instead of the suitable visa if other types will be chosen in the sense surely it will be rejected and it’s been a waste of time.

To clarify all the details and requirements of the US immigration if the selected visa is not good enough in the sense apply for some other possibilities there will be a click in second chance.